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Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England


Latitude: 53.03333, Longitude: -2.21667


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Annie  Between Oct 1912 and Dec 1912Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23852
2 ATHERTON, Arthur Horace  1 Jan 1894Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14667
3 ATHERTON, Bertha Hannah  Between Jan 1899 and Mar 1899Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14669
4 ATHERTON, Bertram  13 Nov 1891Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14666
5 ATHERTON, Betsey  Between Jan 1855 and Mar 1855Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14684
6 ATHERTON, Betsy  Between Apr 1904 and Jun 1904Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14712
7 ATHERTON, Edith  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14709
8 ATHERTON, Elijah Victor  28 Jan 1901Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14670
9 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Between Jan 1865 and Mar 1865Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I17140
10 ATHERTON, Elsie Jane  Between Jul 1903 and Sep 1903Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19443
11 ATHERTON, Evelyn  Between Apr 1907 and Jun 1907Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19450
12 ATHERTON, Flora  Between Jan 1903 and Mar 1903Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14671
13 ATHERTON, Gertrude  Between Jan 1905 and Mar 1905Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19444
14 ATHERTON, Gladys  22 Dec 1907Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19446
15 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Apr 1915 and Jun 1915Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23853
16 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Jul 1873 and Sep 1873Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I21567
17 ATHERTON, John Leonard  29 Mar 1906Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19445
18 ATHERTON, John Thomas  5 Apr 1901Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14711
19 ATHERTON, Joseph  Between Apr 1861 and Jun 1861Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14681
20 ATHERTON, Joseph  20 Mar 1894Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I21553
21 ATHERTON, Joseph  15 Apr 1894Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14708
22 ATHERTON, Lavinia  Between Apr 1911 and Jun 1911Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19449
23 ATHERTON, Lilian Ann  Between Jan 1899 and Mar 1899Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14710
24 ATHERTON, Lily   I38824
25 ATHERTON, Maria  Between Jan 1860 and Mar 1860Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14702
26 ATHERTON, Martha  Between Oct 1856 and Dec 1856Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14685
27 ATHERTON, Mary Alice  Between Jan 1895 and Mar 1895Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I21569
28 ATHERTON, Mary Ann  Between Apr 1888 and Jun 1888Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19404
29 ATHERTON, Mary Ethel  Between Oct 1889 and Dec 1889Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I17161
30 ATHERTON, Phyllis   I23729
31 ATHERTON, Rita  Between Apr 1904 and Jun 1904Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14672
32 ATHERTON, Sarah Alice  Between Apr 1896 and Jun 1896Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14668
33 ATHERTON, Sidney   I38823
34 ATHERTON, Sydney Thomas  Between Oct 1906 and Dec 1906Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14673
35 ATHERTON, Thomas  12 Apr 1908Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19448
36 ATHERTON, Timothy  10 Nov 1895Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I21554
37 ATHERTON, Violet   I38825
38 ATHERTON, William  Between Apr 1863 and Jun 1863Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14663
39 ATHERTON, William Leonard  Between Jan 1890 and Mar 1890Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14665
40 ATHERTON, Winifred  Between Oct 1913 and Dec 1913Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23728
41 BEESTON, Alice  15 Aug 1911Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I43993
42 BETTANEY, Rhoda A E  19 Jun 1904Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I44027
43 POOLE, George  Between Jul 1860 and Sep 1860Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23033
44 POOLE, Mary Emily  Between Apr 1843 and Jun 1843Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23034
45 POOLE, Sarah  Est 1816Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23031


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Edith  Between Jul 1893 and Sep 1893Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19439
2 ATHERTON, Elsie Jane  Between Jan 1904 and Mar 1904Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I19443
3 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Apr 1915 and Jun 1915Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23853
4 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1887 and Dec 1887Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23030
5 ATHERTON, Maria  Between Jan 1860 and Mar 1860Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14702
6 GRANGE, Rachel  Between Oct 1917 and Dec 1917Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I14704
7 POOLE, Sarah  Est 1896Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England I23031


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / BALL  19 Mar 1894Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F1858
2 ATHERTON / GATER  Between Jan 1888 and Mar 1888Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F2046
3 ATHERTON / GRANGE  23 May 1887Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F1219
4 ATHERTON / HULME  Between Jul 1912 and Sep 1912Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F6967
5 ATHERTON / LEESE  22 Jun 1874Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F250
6 ATHERTON / PHILLIPS  Between Apr 1906 and Jun 1906Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F1868
7 ATHERTON / REEVES  Between Jul 1902 and Sep 1902Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F4061
8 ATHERTON / SHUFFLEBOTHAM  Between Jan 1872 and Mar 1872Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F6290
9 ATHERTON / TARR   F12731
10 BAILEY / ATHERTON  1 Feb 1897Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F1877
11 BAILEY / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1908 and Sep 1908Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F6701
13 THOMAS / ATHERTON  25 Dec 1896Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F3331
14 WARHAM / ATHERTON  Between Apr 1902 and Jun 1902Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F1397
15 WHITMORE / ATHERTON  Between Oct 1909 and Dec 1909Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England F1218

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