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Winstanley, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.5211133, Longitude: -2.6715941


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Alice  Est 1821Winstanley, Lancashire, England I10571
2 ATHERTON, Ann  2 Dec 1822Winstanley, Lancashire, England I10572
3 ATHERTON, Annie  26 Apr 1865Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14375
4 ATHERTON, Clara  Between Oct 1882 and Dec 1882Winstanley, Lancashire, England I2419
5 ATHERTON, Constance  24 Oct 1845Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14119
6 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Est 1837Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14380
7 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  19 Dec 1882Winstanley, Lancashire, England I22429
8 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Jan 1842 and Mar 1842Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14381
9 ATHERTON, Ellen  18 Jun 1870Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15855
10 ATHERTON, Francis  31 May 1835Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14249
11 ATHERTON, Frederick  14 Sep 1872Winstanley, Lancashire, England I12311
12 ATHERTON, George  29 Jun 1831Winstanley, Lancashire, England I33694
13 ATHERTON, Henry  8 Feb 1871Winstanley, Lancashire, England I2399
14 ATHERTON, Major General Humphrey  4 Sep 1607Winstanley, Lancashire, England I27037
15 ATHERTON, James  Est 1826Winstanley, Lancashire, England I10568
16 ATHERTON, James  7 Oct 1841Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14106
17 ATHERTON, James  6 Aug 1857Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15650
18 ATHERTON, James  27 May 1890Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15586
19 ATHERTON, Jane  9 Mar 1833Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14120
20 ATHERTON, John  17 May 1859Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14374
21 ATHERTON, John Thomas  4 Aug 1867Winstanley, Lancashire, England I2417
22 ATHERTON, Margaret  16 Jan 1864Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15852
23 ATHERTON, Mary  17 Jun 1835Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14116
24 ATHERTON, Mary  20 Apr 1868Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15854
25 ATHERTON, Mary Ellen  20 Jan 1875Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15582
26 ATHERTON, Peter  Est 1816Winstanley, Lancashire, England I5783
27 ATHERTON, Peter  16 Nov 1865Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15853
28 ATHERTON, Sybil  5 Jun 1820Winstanley, Lancashire, England I10574
29 ATHERTON, Sybil  26 Jan 1881Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15653
30 ATHERTON, Thomas  22 Apr 1828Winstanley, Lancashire, England I33693
31 ATHERTON, Thomas  Est 1839Winstanley, Lancashire, England I2415
32 ATHERTON, Thomas  29 Aug 1863Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14102
33 ATHERTON, William  14 Aug 1843Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14118
34 ATHERTON, William  Between Oct 1848 and Dec 1848Winstanley, Lancashire, England I10555
35 ATHERTON, William  Between Jul 1850 and Sep 1850Winstanley, Lancashire, England I8221
36 ATHERTON, William  6 Mar 1861Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14376
37 BALDWIN, Thomas  Est 1827Winstanley, Lancashire, England I18670
38 BIRCHALL, Eliza  Est 1875Winstanley, Lancashire, England I21898
39 CATTERALL, Elizabeth  Est 1847Winstanley, Lancashire, England I15851
40 FOSTER, Margaret  Est 1806Winstanley, Lancashire, England I8924
41 GRIMSHAW, Mary  Est 1846Winstanley, Lancashire, England I9002
42 HEATON, Jane  Est 1850Winstanley, Lancashire, England I10556
43 HEATON, Mary  19 Jan 1857Winstanley, Lancashire, England I10577
44 PENNY, Mary  Est 1821Winstanley, Lancashire, England I18766
45 RIGBY, Henry  Est 1835Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14122
46 RYLANCE, Hannah  Est 1810Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14115
47 WINSTANLEY, William  Est 1830Winstanley, Lancashire, England I18849


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Jan 1883Winstanley, Lancashire, England I22429
2 ATHERTON, Frederick  Oct 1884Winstanley, Lancashire, England I2420
3 ATHERTON, George  Jul 1832Winstanley, Lancashire, England I33694
4 ATHERTON, James  Sep 1853Winstanley, Lancashire, England I10568
5 ATHERTON, John  Mar 1854Winstanley, Lancashire, England I14379
6 ATHERTON, Thomas  Nov 1835Winstanley, Lancashire, England I33693

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