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Standish, Wigan, Lancashire


Latitude: 53.5619868, Longitude: -2.6719124


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Alice  Between Jul 1867 and Sep 1867Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I5118
2 ATHERTON, Amy  7 Jun 1892Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15212
3 ATHERTON, Ann  2 Feb 1835Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I13207
4 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  7 Jun 1836Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I13206
5 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Apr 1873 and Jun 1873Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15378
6 ATHERTON, Ellen  6 Jul 1877Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15930
7 ATHERTON, Esther  6 Jul 1877Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I14526
8 ATHERTON, Harry  11 Jan 1897Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15214
9 ATHERTON, James  Est 1847Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18081
10 ATHERTON, James  Between Oct 1855 and Dec 1855Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I28422
11 ATHERTON, James  15 Jun 1878Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15592
12 ATHERTON, James  6 Mar 1890Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15211
13 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1863 and Mar 1863Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I16272
14 ATHERTON, John  8 Nov 1894Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15213
15 ATHERTON, Margaret  18 Jan 1847Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I2804
16 ATHERTON, Martha  Between Oct 1871 and Dec 1871Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15379
17 ATHERTON, Peter  Between Apr 1865 and Jun 1865Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I16273
18 ATHERTON, Richard  Est 1850Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I2805
19 ATHERTON, Robert  Est 1793Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I12789
20 ATHERTON, Robert  22 Mar 1841Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I13185
21 ATHERTON, Sydney  27 May 1899Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15215
22 ATHERTON, Thomas  Est 1831Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I21358
23 ATHERTON, Thomas  21 Jan 1839Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I16121
24 ATHERTON, Thomas  9 Oct 1889Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I5125
25 ATHERTON, William  Est 1833Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I21359
26 BALL, John  Est 1867Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I21405
27 BARKER, Amelia  Est 1876Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I14283
28 BARTON, Robert  Est 1845Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15297
29 EASTHAM, James  Est 1869Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18327
30 FARE, Elizabeth  Est 1813Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I13203
31 FARMER, Elizabeth  Est 1848Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15273
32 FINCH, Margaret  Est 1795Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I8883
33 FOGG, Elizabeth Ann  Est 1865Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I16141
34 FORSTER, Joseph  Est 1870Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18292
35 GOLDING, John  Est 1831Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I14856
36 HALTON, Charlotte  Est 1863Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15207
37 HARRISON, Elizabeth  Est 1810Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18757
38 HOUGHTON, Ellen  Est 1808Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I13947
39 IRLAM, Margaret  Est 1815Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I21548
40 KIRK, Margaret  Est 1834Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I13750
41 MARROW, Jane  Est 1833Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I16271
42 MAYERS, Robert  Est 1866Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18087
43 MOSS, Peter  Est 1846Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18025
44 TICKLE, Ellen  Est 1821Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18080
45 TICKLE, Samuel  10 Jan 1842Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18316
46 TURNER, Deborah  Est 1844Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I17209
47 WADESON, George  Est 1865Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18280
48 WALSH, James  Est 1847Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15302
49 WORTHINGTON, Ann  Est 1857Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I5141
50 YATES, Elizabeth  Est 1837Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I13121


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Ann  Jun 1835Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I13207
2 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Oct 1842Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18857
3 ATHERTON, James  Apr 1859Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18683
4 ATHERTON, Jane  Feb 1879Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15738
5 ATHERTON, John  Dec 1830Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I21363
6 ATHERTON, Martha  Sep 1874Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I15379
7 ATHERTON, Squire  Jul 1821Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I14957
8 SMITH, Ann  Jun 1866Standish, Wigan, Lancashire I18780


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 ASHCROFT / ATHERTON  5 Oct 1851Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F180
3 ATHERTON / ATHERTON  11 Apr 1852Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F875
4 ATHERTON / DICKINSON  17 Aug 1907Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F5079
5 ATHERTON / HALTON  12 Dec 1882Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F1342
6 ATHERTON / IRVING  23 Jun 1850Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F1021
7 ATHERTON / MAKINSON  21 Sep 1807Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F5036
8 ATHERTON / MARROW  25 May 1862Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F5768
10 ATHERTON / MOORE  9 Feb 1852Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F1609
11 ATHERTON / ORMESHAW  8 Oct 1857Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F1165
12 ATHERTON / TURNER  7 Jul 1841Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F7057
13 ATHERTON / WASS  27 Mar 1875Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F329
14 ATHERTON / WHATMOUGH  6 Jan 1794Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F2601
15 ATHERTON / WORTHINGTON  22 May 1886Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F4333
16 BARON / ATHERTON  27 Jul 1892Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F4177
17 BARTON / ATHERTON  20 Jan 1850Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F2727
19 HILL / ATHERTON   F14701
20 LEIGH / ATHERTON   F14700
21 ROUGHLEY / ATHERTON  5 Mar 1855Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F1540
22 TURNER / ATHERTON  15 Sep 1845Standish, Wigan, Lancashire F5534

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