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Marylebone, London, England


Latitude: 51.5173055, Longitude: -0.1478026


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Agnes  Between Oct 1852 and Dec 1852Marylebone, London, England I38653
2 ATHERTON, Alice Maud  Between Jan 1866 and Mar 1866Marylebone, London, England I3288
3 ATHERTON, Anne Maria  Between Apr 1864 and Jun 1864Marylebone, London, England I3287
4 ATHERTON, Beatrice Elizabeth  Between Apr 1899 and Jun 1899Marylebone, London, England I24271
5 ATHERTON, Celia  Between Apr 1916 and Jun 1916Marylebone, London, England I24403
6 ATHERTON, Charlotte Ann  1848Marylebone, London, England I38652
7 ATHERTON, Eileen M   I43245
8 ATHERTON, Florence Elizabeth  Between Apr 1870 and Jun 1870Marylebone, London, England I3290
9 ATHERTON, Francis Joseph  Between Oct 1881 and Dec 1881Marylebone, London, England I11658
10 ATHERTON, Gertrude May  Between Jan 1891 and Mar 1891Marylebone, London, England I5382
11 ATHERTON, Henry William Wills  1823Marylebone, London, England I38650
12 ATHERTON, James Thornley  8 Nov 1858Marylebone, London, England I9455
13 ATHERTON, James Walter  Between Oct 1867 and Dec 1867Marylebone, London, England I37333
14 ATHERTON, Jane Elizabeth  Between Jul 1881 and Sep 1881Marylebone, London, England I9459
15 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1861 and Jun 1861Marylebone, London, England I5372
16 ATHERTON, Jonathan  Between Jul 1857 and Sep 1857Marylebone, London, England I38290
17 ATHERTON, Lizzie  Between Apr 1859 and Jun 1859Marylebone, London, England I5305
18 ATHERTON, Martin D   I43257
19 ATHERTON, Mary  Between Apr 1872 and Jun 1872Marylebone, London, England I9457
20 ATHERTON, Rosa  Between Apr 1873 and Jun 1873Marylebone, London, England I38007
21 ATHERTON, Samuel  29 Aug 1859Marylebone, London, England I5371
22 ATHERTON, Sarah Emma  Between Jul 1872 and Sep 1872Marylebone, London, England I38878
23 BENNETT, Elizabeth Mary  Est 1857Marylebone, London, England I9458
24 BLASS, Joanna Elizabeth  10 Sep 1898Marylebone, London, England I34567
25 CLARKE, Bessie Mary  Est 1863Marylebone, London, England I5381
26 LITCHFIELD, Mary  Est 1860Marylebone, London, England I5378
27 MYER, Daphne Dorothy   I39940
28 OWENS, Helen  Est 1830Marylebone, London, England I19945
29 REVILL, Charlotte Elizabeth  1828Marylebone, London, England I38651
30 SAUNDERS, Lucy Sophia  Est 1834Marylebone, London, England I5373
31 SMITH, David Frederick  Est 1852Marylebone, London, England I5377


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, John Bartholomew  Between Apr 1899 and Jun 1899Marylebone, London, England I5369
2 ATHERTON, Jonathan  Between Oct 1857 and Dec 1857Marylebone, London, England I38290
3 ATHERTON, Matilda  Between Jan 1865 and Mar 1865Marylebone, London, England I37723
4 ATHERTON, Rosa  Between Apr 1875 and Jun 1875Marylebone, London, England I38007
5 BROWSE, Rosa  Between Oct 1898 and Dec 1898Marylebone, London, England I9456
6 CLARKE, Ada  Between Apr 1903 and Jun 1903Marylebone, London, England I5338
7 FRIEND, Charlotte Helena Rose  Between Jan 1922 and Mar 1922Marylebone, London, England I21878
8 GOWING, Jane  Between Apr 1869 and Jun 1869Marylebone, London, England I9454
9 JACKSON, Ann Elizabeth  Between Jan 1885 and Mar 1885Marylebone, London, England I5370
10 SAUNDERS, Lucy Sophia  Between Jan 1908 and Mar 1908Marylebone, London, England I5373


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / BOWRING  Between Jul 1948 and Sep 1948Marylebone, London, England F11145
2 ATHERTON / BROWN  Between Oct 1874 and Dec 1874Marylebone, London, England F1323
3 ATHERTON / BROWSE  25 Dec 1870Marylebone, London, England F5249
5 ATHERTON / COCHRANE  Between Jul 1912 and Sep 1912Marylebone, London, England F11062
6 ATHERTON / GOWING  25 Dec 1856Marylebone, London, England F5250
7 ATHERTON / LITCHFIELD  Between Jul 1885 and Sep 1885Marylebone, London, England F1364
8 ATHERTON / MARTIN  Between Oct 1938 and Dec 1938Marylebone, London, England F14076
9 ATHERTON / MYER   F13131
10 ATHERTON / REVILL  29 Jan 1847Marylebone, London, England F12701
11 ATHERTON / WALTERS  Between Apr 1863 and Jun 1863Marylebone, London, England F688
12 ATHERTON / WHISKER  Between Apr 1882 and Jun 1882Marylebone, London, England F687
13 ATHERTON / WINDSOR  Between Jan 1858 and Mar 1858Marylebone, London, England F1957
14 BEASLEY / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Marylebone, London, England F4361
16 COX / ATHERTON  Between Apr 1896 and Jun 1896Marylebone, London, England F6509
18 MCLOUGHLIN / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1879 and Sep 1879Marylebone, London, England F12703
19 SMITH / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1875 and Sep 1875Marylebone, London, England F3438
20 WALSH / ATHERTON   F14544

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