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Lancaster, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 54.0466067, Longitude: -2.8019025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Annie   I23844
2 ATHERTON, Anthony   I46810
3 ATHERTON, Cecilia  23 Jul 1853Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5982
4 ATHERTON, Cyril William  Between Oct 1885 and Dec 1885Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2364
5 ATHERTON, Douglas   I43448
6 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Between Jan 1867 and Mar 1867Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2336
7 ATHERTON, Eva  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901Lancaster, Lancashire, England I21606
8 ATHERTON, Gertrude  Between Apr 1899 and Jun 1899Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2040
9 ATHERTON, Gordon  Between Jul 1886 and Sep 1886Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2361
10 ATHERTON, Hannah  Between Jul 1889 and Sep 1889Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2362
11 ATHERTON, Helen   I39925
12 ATHERTON, Heyet Leech  25 Aug 1848Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5979
13 ATHERTON, Isabella  Between Apr 1873 and Jun 1873Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2341
14 ATHERTON, Jenney  Between Jan 1911 and Mar 1911Lancaster, Lancashire, England I34362
15 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1840 and Sep 1840Lancaster, Lancashire, England I20518
16 ATHERTON, John James  Between Jul 1864 and Sep 1864Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2335
17 ATHERTON, John James  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2358
18 ATHERTON, Mark Albert  18 Jul 1882Lancaster, Lancashire, England I9344
19 ATHERTON, Mary   I23843
20 ATHERTON, Mary Hilton  23 Mar 1851Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5980
21 ATHERTON, Mary Theresa  15 Sep 1901Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2041
22 ATHERTON, Mary Winifred  Between Apr 1903 and Jun 1903Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2042
23 ATHERTON, Mona Doris Hodgson  2 Aug 1899Lancaster, Lancashire, England I20210
24 ATHERTON, Peter J   I45322
25 ATHERTON, Reginald Miller  7 May 1909Lancaster, Lancashire, England I34361
26 ATHERTON, Thomas  Est 1824Lancaster, Lancashire, England I7735
27 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Apr 1875 and Jun 1875Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2338
28 ATHERTON, William  Between Oct 1879 and Dec 1879Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2344
29 CALLISTER, Dorothy H   I42741
30 DOBSON, Mary Agnes  Between Jul 1879 and Sep 1879Lancaster, Lancashire, England I21605
31 HUDSON, Barbara Vera  28 Apr 1927Lancaster, Lancashire, England I42502
32 JACKSON, Thomas Garnett  22 Dec 1863Lancaster, Lancashire, England I22300
33 METCALFE, Jane  Est 1837Lancaster, Lancashire, England I1672
34 MILLER, Jenney Hodgson  26 Jul 1886Lancaster, Lancashire, England I34360
35 PYE, Janet  9 Aug 1887Lancaster, Lancashire, England I39364
36 RAWCLIFFE, Ellen  Est 1844Lancaster, Lancashire, England I4615
37 REDWOOD, Jane  Between Jan 1858 and Mar 1858Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2343
38 THOMPSON, Henry C  Est 1847Lancaster, Lancashire, England I19650
39 WARDING, Grace  Est 1823Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2888


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Albert  Between Oct 1970 and Dec 1970Lancaster, Lancashire, England I13142
2 ATHERTON, Alice Jane  9 Oct 1948Lancaster, Lancashire, England I22297
3 ATHERTON, Edmund Harvey  Between Jan 1971 and Mar 1971Lancaster, Lancashire, England I23706
4 ATHERTON, Gladys  Between Oct 1995 and Dec 1995Lancaster, Lancashire, England I29000
5 ATHERTON, James  Est 1871Lancaster, Lancashire, England I14202
6 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1918 and Mar 1918Lancaster, Lancashire, England I12327
7 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1970 and Sep 1970Lancaster, Lancashire, England I18074
8 ATHERTON, Marian  Between Jul 1979 and Sep 1979Lancaster, Lancashire, England I16278
9 ATHERTON, Mary Ellen  Between Apr 1898 and Jun 1898Lancaster, Lancashire, England I19081
10 ATHERTON, Mary Theresa  Between Apr 1986 and Jun 1986Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2041
11 ATHERTON, Mary Winifred  Between Apr 1909 and Jun 1909Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2042
12 ATHERTON, Samuel  Between Jul 1910 and Sep 1910Lancaster, Lancashire, England I12930
13 ATHERTON, Sarah  18 Oct 1889Lancaster, Lancashire, England I19839
14 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Jan 1922 and Mar 1922Lancaster, Lancashire, England I17647
15 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Oct 1951 and Dec 1951Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2294
16 ATHERTON, Thomas  15 Oct 1970Lancaster, Lancashire, England I17082
17 ATHERTON, William Joseph  Between Apr 1957 and Jun 1957Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2025
18 CAMERON, Martha  Between Apr 1978 and Jun 1978Lancaster, Lancashire, England I34821
19 DARWELL, Fred  Between Apr 1940 and Jun 1940Lancaster, Lancashire, England I13690
20 DRUMMOND, Margaret Eleanor  Between Jul 1983 and Sep 1983Lancaster, Lancashire, England I37628
21 GARDNER, Catherine Alice  Between Jan 1955 and Mar 1955Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2039
22 HUDSON, Barbara Vera  Between Jul 2003 and Sep 2003Lancaster, Lancashire, England I42502
23 JACKSON, Thomas Garnett  13 Mar 1924Lancaster, Lancashire, England I22300
24 JOEL, Emma Fallowfield  Between Apr 1916 and Jun 1916Lancaster, Lancashire, England I2331
25 JOHNSTON, Edith Annie  Between Apr 1983 and Jun 1983Lancaster, Lancashire, England I44075
26 PEERS, Charlotte  Apr 1901Lancaster, Lancashire, England I5978
27 POOLE, Mary Ann  Between Apr 1972 and Jun 1972Lancaster, Lancashire, England I26766
28 PRESTON, Mary Ann  Between Jan 1990 and Mar 1990Lancaster, Lancashire, England I33713
29 SANDHAM, Francis Morse  Between Jul 1969 and Sep 1969Lancaster, Lancashire, England I42495
30 SARGEANT, Robert  Between Jan 1990 and Mar 1990Lancaster, Lancashire, England I29049
31 TRAVERS, Rhoda  Between Jul 1948 and Sep 1948Lancaster, Lancashire, England I40406


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 ATHERTON / CAMERON  Between Apr 1919 and Jun 1919Lancaster, Lancashire, England F11391
3 ATHERTON / DOBSON  24 Dec 1900Lancaster, Lancashire, England F3123
5 ATHERTON / MILLER  Between Jan 1909 and Mar 1909Lancaster, Lancashire, England F11203
7 ATHERTON / PEERS  14 Oct 1847Lancaster, Lancashire, England F2453
8 ATHERTON / REDWOOD  Between Apr 1877 and Jun 1877Lancaster, Lancashire, England F3106
9 BARNES / ATHERTON  Between Oct 1924 and Dec 1924Lancaster, Lancashire, England F14338
12 SANDHAM / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1929 and Sep 1929Lancaster, Lancashire, England F14339

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