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Fylde, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.83333, Longitude: -2.91667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Albert  Between Jan 1880 and Mar 1880Fylde, Lancashire, England I1329
2 ATHERTON, Albert E  Between Apr 1912 and Jun 1912Fylde, Lancashire, England I24517
3 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Oct 1837 and Dec 1837Fylde, Lancashire, England I14744
4 ATHERTON, Annie  Between Oct 1876 and Dec 1876Fylde, Lancashire, England I1331
5 ATHERTON, Annie  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Fylde, Lancashire, England I1332
6 ATHERTON, Annie  Between Jan 1881 and Mar 1881Fylde, Lancashire, England I1330
7 ATHERTON, Annie  Between Jan 1895 and Mar 1895Fylde, Lancashire, England I1337
8 ATHERTON, Arthur Hambleton  Between Jul 1897 and Sep 1897Fylde, Lancashire, England I4758
9 ATHERTON, Clare   I46354
10 ATHERTON, Clifford  12 Nov 1893Fylde, Lancashire, England I1339
11 ATHERTON, Clive L   I46355
12 ATHERTON, Dorothy Isabel  Between Jan 1900 and Mar 1900Fylde, Lancashire, England I2009
13 ATHERTON, Edmund Harvey  27 Aug 1921Fylde, Lancashire, England I23706
14 ATHERTON, Edward Daniel  Between Oct 1869 and Dec 1869Fylde, Lancashire, England I1325
15 ATHERTON, Edward Daniel  18 Mar 1917Fylde, Lancashire, England I24518
16 ATHERTON, Eileen M   I39833
17 ATHERTON, Florence  Between Apr 1902 and Jun 1902Fylde, Lancashire, England I17436
18 ATHERTON, Florence E   I23673
19 ATHERTON, Frank  Between Jul 1883 and Sep 1883Fylde, Lancashire, England I37806
20 ATHERTON, Frank  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Fylde, Lancashire, England I2759
21 ATHERTON, Frank  Between Jan 1914 and Mar 1914Fylde, Lancashire, England I20185
22 ATHERTON, Geoffrey   I44750
23 ATHERTON, Georgina   I34201
24 ATHERTON, Gilbert V   I46758
25 ATHERTON, Grace M  Between Apr 1926 and Jun 1926Fylde, Lancashire, England I45109
26 ATHERTON, Grace Mary  1 Apr 1909Fylde, Lancashire, England I4757
27 ATHERTON, Harold W  24 Apr 1923Fylde, Lancashire, England I39831
28 ATHERTON, Harry  12 Jan 1895Fylde, Lancashire, England I39051
29 ATHERTON, Henry  Between Jan 1871 and Mar 1871Fylde, Lancashire, England I1326
30 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Oct 1885 and Dec 1885Fylde, Lancashire, England I37807
31 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Jul 1898 and Sep 1898Fylde, Lancashire, England I4759
32 ATHERTON, Irene M   I39834
33 ATHERTON, James  13 Jul 1892Fylde, Lancashire, England I39057
34 ATHERTON, James Robert  Between Jan 1873 and Mar 1873Fylde, Lancashire, England I1327
35 ATHERTON, John  12 Feb 1903Fylde, Lancashire, England I34667
36 ATHERTON, John   I23672
37 ATHERTON, John F   I45980
38 ATHERTON, John James  Between Jan 1898 and Mar 1898Fylde, Lancashire, England I4993
39 ATHERTON, John Robert  Between Jan 1892 and Mar 1892Fylde, Lancashire, England I3808
40 ATHERTON, Lawrence Fish  Between Apr 1908 and Jun 1908Fylde, Lancashire, England I407
41 ATHERTON, Leonard  31 Dec 1920Fylde, Lancashire, England I23674
42 ATHERTON, Mabel  Between Oct 1886 and Dec 1886Fylde, Lancashire, England I1335
43 ATHERTON, Mabel  Between Jul 1900 and Sep 1900Fylde, Lancashire, England I17438
44 ATHERTON, Mammie  Between Jul 1918 and Sep 1918Fylde, Lancashire, England I39365
45 ATHERTON, Margaret   I24129
46 ATHERTON, Margery Grace  1 Jan 1933Fylde, Lancashire, England I34669
47 ATHERTON, Mary  26 May 1911Fylde, Lancashire, England I28738
48 ATHERTON, Mary  5 Apr 1912Fylde, Lancashire, England I23671
49 ATHERTON, Mary Ellen  Between Oct 1871 and Dec 1871Fylde, Lancashire, England I22458
50 ATHERTON, Maude  Between Jan 1910 and Mar 1910Fylde, Lancashire, England I17444

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Albert  Between Oct 1908 and Dec 1908Fylde, Lancashire, England I1329
2 ATHERTON, Annie  Between Apr 1877 and Jun 1877Fylde, Lancashire, England I1331
3 ATHERTON, Annie  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Fylde, Lancashire, England I1332
4 ATHERTON, Arthur Hambleton  Between Jul 1897 and Sep 1897Fylde, Lancashire, England I4758
5 ATHERTON, Charles  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Fylde, Lancashire, England I20369
6 ATHERTON, Daniel  Between Apr 1894 and Jun 1894Fylde, Lancashire, England I1307
7 ATHERTON, Dorothy Isabel  Between Jul 1902 and Sep 1902Fylde, Lancashire, England I2009
8 ATHERTON, Edward Daniel  Between Jan 1917 and Mar 1917Fylde, Lancashire, England I1325
9 ATHERTON, Frank  Between Apr 1884 and Jun 1884Fylde, Lancashire, England I37806
10 ATHERTON, Frank  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Fylde, Lancashire, England I2759
11 ATHERTON, Frederick Arthur  Between Oct 1967 and Dec 1967Fylde, Lancashire, England I8200
12 ATHERTON, George Dean  Between Oct 1931 and Dec 1931Fylde, Lancashire, England I1984
13 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Oct 1885 and Dec 1885Fylde, Lancashire, England I37807
14 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Oct 1898 and Dec 1898Fylde, Lancashire, England I4759
15 ATHERTON, John Douglas  Between Jul 1915 and Sep 1915Fylde, Lancashire, England I16275
16 ATHERTON, John Richard  1 Sep 1963Fylde, Lancashire, England I17439
17 ATHERTON, John Robert  Between Apr 1908 and Jun 1908Fylde, Lancashire, England I3808
18 ATHERTON, Lawrence Fish  Between Jul 1908 and Sep 1908Fylde, Lancashire, England I407
19 ATHERTON, Mabel  Between Jan 1901 and Mar 1901Fylde, Lancashire, England I17438
20 ATHERTON, Mary Ellen  Between Apr 1872 and Jun 1872Fylde, Lancashire, England I22458
21 ATHERTON, Maude  Between Apr 1911 and Jun 1911Fylde, Lancashire, England I17444
22 ATHERTON, Peter Hill  Between Apr 1923 and Jun 1923Fylde, Lancashire, England I8991
23 ATHERTON, Sarah  Between Jul 1878 and Sep 1878Fylde, Lancashire, England I1333
24 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Apr 1953 and Jun 1953Fylde, Lancashire, England I8917
25 ATHERTON, Walter  Between Oct 1930 and Dec 1930Fylde, Lancashire, England I1328
26 ATHERTON, William E  Between Jan 1922 and Mar 1922Fylde, Lancashire, England I39835
27 ATKINSON, Evelyn Elsie  Between Jul 1960 and Sep 1960Fylde, Lancashire, England I39832
28 BROMLEY, Amelia  Between Oct 1933 and Dec 1933Fylde, Lancashire, England I33947
29 COOPER, Patience  Between Oct 1921 and Dec 1921Fylde, Lancashire, England I2007
30 CROOK, Ellen  Between Jan 1959 and Mar 1959Fylde, Lancashire, England I14536
31 FISH, Emily Florence  Between Jul 1958 and Sep 1958Fylde, Lancashire, England I17440
32 FISHER, Ann  19 Aug 1884Fylde, Lancashire, England I1308
33 IBISON, Grace  Between Oct 1923 and Dec 1923Fylde, Lancashire, England I1344
34 JEPSON, Isabel Rachel  Between Apr 1965 and Jun 1965Fylde, Lancashire, England I19059
35 JONES, Ellen  Between Jan 1959 and Mar 1959Fylde, Lancashire, England I21636
36 KNOWLES, Sarah  Between Apr 1882 and Jun 1882Fylde, Lancashire, England I20370
37 SEED, Annie  Between Apr 1944 and Jun 1944Fylde, Lancashire, England I40967
38 WORSWICK, Esther Mary  Between Oct 1921 and Dec 1921Fylde, Lancashire, England I2761


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / ALKER  Between Jan 1907 and Mar 1907Fylde, Lancashire, England F58
2 ATHERTON / ATKINSON  Between Jan 1921 and Mar 1921Fylde, Lancashire, England F13084
5 ATHERTON / BIRCHALL  Between Jan 1893 and Mar 1893Fylde, Lancashire, England F386
6 ATHERTON / COOPER  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Fylde, Lancashire, England F2933
7 ATHERTON / CROMPTON  Between Jul 1894 and Sep 1894Fylde, Lancashire, England F5716
8 ATHERTON / CROWTHER  Between Jan 1935 and Mar 1935Fylde, Lancashire, England F16369
9 ATHERTON / FISH  Between Oct 1906 and Dec 1906Fylde, Lancashire, England F4423
10 ATHERTON / HARLING  Between Oct 1900 and Dec 1900Fylde, Lancashire, England F1216
11 ATHERTON / HARVEY  Between Apr 1920 and Jun 1920Fylde, Lancashire, England F3045
12 ATHERTON / JEPSON  Between Apr 1909 and Jun 1909Fylde, Lancashire, England F5857
13 ATHERTON / KNOWLES  17 Nov 1912Fylde, Lancashire, England F7045
14 ATHERTON / PARFITT  Between Jul 1937 and Sep 1937Fylde, Lancashire, England F15801
15 ATHERTON / PENNINGTON  Between Apr 1933 and Jun 1933Fylde, Lancashire, England F14226
16 ATHERTON / PEPPER  Between Oct 1868 and Dec 1868Fylde, Lancashire, England F548
17 ATHERTON / ROE  Between Jan 1893 and Mar 1893Fylde, Lancashire, England F577
19 ATHERTON / SEED  Between Oct 1922 and Dec 1922Fylde, Lancashire, England F13623
21 ATHERTON / WRIGHT  Between Oct 1903 and Dec 1903Fylde, Lancashire, England F2007
22 ATHERTON / YOUNG  Between Oct 1925 and Dec 1925Fylde, Lancashire, England F11324
24 HOLT / ATHERTON  Between Apr 1909 and Jun 1909Fylde, Lancashire, England F5599
27 WHARTON / ATHERTON  Between Apr 1904 and Jun 1904Fylde, Lancashire, England F1859

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