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Aspull, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.5736407, Longitude: -2.5837796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ACKERS, Ellen  Est 1828Aspull, Lancashire, England I6087
2 ALKER, Ellen  Est 1834Aspull, Lancashire, England I13670
3 ATHERTON, Alice  28 Dec 1821Aspull, Lancashire, England I13715
4 ATHERTON, Alice  Between Oct 1891 and Dec 1891Aspull, Lancashire, England I13623
5 ATHERTON, Ann  22 Jun 1815Aspull, Lancashire, England I12974
6 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Jul 1885 and Sep 1885Aspull, Lancashire, England I18666
7 ATHERTON, Benjamin  20 Mar 1827Aspull, Lancashire, England I12804
8 ATHERTON, Benjamin  15 Jan 1833Aspull, Lancashire, England I12794
9 ATHERTON, Charles  21 Dec 1835Aspull, Lancashire, England I13666
10 ATHERTON, Charlotte  28 Feb 1831Aspull, Lancashire, England I12802
11 ATHERTON, Dorothy  5 Apr 1831Aspull, Lancashire, England I13719
12 ATHERTON, Edwin  11 Apr 1875Aspull, Lancashire, England I6175
13 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1815Aspull, Lancashire, England I12803
14 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Est 1822Aspull, Lancashire, England I12791
15 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1827Aspull, Lancashire, England I13716
16 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1850 and Dec 1850Aspull, Lancashire, England I6088
17 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1857Aspull, Lancashire, England I12191
18 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Between Apr 1860 and Jun 1860Aspull, Lancashire, England I12816
19 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Est 1864Aspull, Lancashire, England I17423
20 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  6 Oct 1867Aspull, Lancashire, England I21693
21 ATHERTON, Elizabeth Ann Eccles  Est 1890Aspull, Lancashire, England I13679
22 ATHERTON, Ellen  4 Jul 1838Aspull, Lancashire, England I17290
23 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Oct 1845 and Dec 1845Aspull, Lancashire, England I22447
24 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Oct 1854 and Dec 1854Aspull, Lancashire, England I6089
25 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Jul 1863 and Sep 1863Aspull, Lancashire, England I15138
26 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Jul 1894 and Sep 1894Aspull, Lancashire, England I6098
27 ATHERTON, Emma  Est 1842Aspull, Lancashire, England I12798
28 ATHERTON, Emma  Est 1874Aspull, Lancashire, England I13635
29 ATHERTON, George  Est 1856Aspull, Lancashire, England I17422
30 ATHERTON, George  Between Jul 1857 and Sep 1857Aspull, Lancashire, England I15129
31 ATHERTON, George  18 Apr 1865Aspull, Lancashire, England I6474
32 ATHERTON, Henry  6 Sep 1829Aspull, Lancashire, England I17286
33 ATHERTON, Henry  16 Apr 1843Aspull, Lancashire, England I13668
34 ATHERTON, Henry  Est 1879Aspull, Lancashire, England I13636
35 ATHERTON, James  Est 1823Aspull, Lancashire, England I12792
36 ATHERTON, James  19 Oct 1849Aspull, Lancashire, England I13664
37 ATHERTON, James  Between Apr 1861 and Jun 1861Aspull, Lancashire, England I15131
38 ATHERTON, James  Between Oct 1863 and Dec 1863Aspull, Lancashire, England I6091
39 ATHERTON, James  25 Aug 1868Aspull, Lancashire, England I22138
40 ATHERTON, James  Dec 1878Aspull, Lancashire, England I4256
41 ATHERTON, James  1 Nov 1882Aspull, Lancashire, England I20923
42 ATHERTON, James  4 Nov 1892Aspull, Lancashire, England I6184
43 ATHERTON, James  7 Sep 1900Aspull, Lancashire, England I4248
44 ATHERTON, Jane  9 Nov 1820Aspull, Lancashire, England I12801
45 ATHERTON, Jane  22 May 1834Aspull, Lancashire, England I13720
46 ATHERTON, John  Est 1807Aspull, Lancashire, England I13660
47 ATHERTON, John  23 Apr 1830Aspull, Lancashire, England I13665
48 ATHERTON, John  Est 1831Aspull, Lancashire, England I17287
49 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1856 and Dec 1856Aspull, Lancashire, England I6083
50 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1864 and Jun 1864Aspull, Lancashire, England I22572

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHWORTH, Jane  Feb 1833Aspull, Lancashire, England I12231
2 ATHERTON, Alice  Feb 1829Aspull, Lancashire, England I18038
3 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Est 1822Aspull, Lancashire, England I12803
4 ATHERTON, Ellen  Feb 1839Aspull, Lancashire, England I17290
5 ATHERTON, James  Mar 1895Aspull, Lancashire, England I18521
6 ATHERTON, James  Aug 1913Aspull, Lancashire, England I6091
7 ATHERTON, Jane  Sep 1874Aspull, Lancashire, England I18515
8 ATHERTON, John  Jun 1832Aspull, Lancashire, England I17287
9 ATHERTON, Mary  Nov 1830Aspull, Lancashire, England I12973
10 ATHERTON, Richard  Apr 1834Aspull, Lancashire, England I17288
11 ATHERTON, Richard  27 Aug 1868Aspull, Lancashire, England I22141
12 ATHERTON, Thomas  Mar 1834Aspull, Lancashire, England I17284
13 ATHERTON, Thomas  Aug 1867Aspull, Lancashire, England I16109
14 HAYES, Ellen  Est 1863Aspull, Lancashire, England I13661
15 LEYLAND, Mary  Aug 1862Aspull, Lancashire, England I18242
16 WOODS, Mary  Sep 1863Aspull, Lancashire, England I16110


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / DEAKIN  20 May 1914Aspull, Lancashire, England F3544
2 ATHERTON / MONKS  16 Jun 1928Aspull, Lancashire, England F10938
3 ATHERTON / ROBINSON  8 Apr 1901Aspull, Lancashire, England F4037
4 ATHERTON / SIMM   F13516
5 ATHERTON / TAYLOR  21 Apr 1924Aspull, Lancashire, England F10877
6 BAXENDALE / ATHERTON  21 Nov 1870Aspull, Lancashire, England F6132
8 MAKINSON / ATHERTON  24 Feb 1906Aspull, Lancashire, England F1386
9 RATCLIFFE / ATHERTON  21 Feb 1884Aspull, Lancashire, England F7207
10 TWIST / ATHERTON  1 Oct 1898Aspull, Lancashire, England F1556

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