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South Shields, Durham, England


Latitude: 54.7681725, Longitude: -1.8056911


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Alice Maud  Between Jul 1897 and Sep 1897South Shields, Durham, England I18016
2 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Oct 1891 and Dec 1891South Shields, Durham, England I811
3 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Jan 1895 and Mar 1895South Shields, Durham, England I37862
4 ATHERTON, Beatrice  Between Jul 1899 and Sep 1899South Shields, Durham, England I18017
5 ATHERTON, Clarice  Between Jan 1902 and Mar 1902South Shields, Durham, England I18018
6 ATHERTON, Dora  Between Jul 1912 and Sep 1912South Shields, Durham, England I12225
7 ATHERTON, Elizabeth Ann Gorget  Between Jul 1906 and Sep 1906South Shields, Durham, England I769
8 ATHERTON, Ellen  21 Dec 1893South Shields, Durham, England I812
9 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Apr 1905 and Jun 1905South Shields, Durham, England I768
10 ATHERTON, George  Between Jul 1887 and Sep 1887South Shields, Durham, England I17160
11 ATHERTON, Henry  Between Oct 1898 and Dec 1898South Shields, Durham, England I813
12 ATHERTON, Irene  17 Jun 1924South Shields, Durham, England I45433
13 ATHERTON, James Edward  29 Apr 1898South Shields, Durham, England I766
14 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1896 and Jun 1896South Shields, Durham, England I38112
15 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1897 and Mar 1897South Shields, Durham, England I765
16 ATHERTON, John William  8 Mar 1886South Shields, Durham, England I17159
17 ATHERTON, Jonathan Henry  Between Oct 1902 and Dec 1902South Shields, Durham, England I37863
18 ATHERTON, Joseph  22 Apr 1901South Shields, Durham, England I814
19 ATHERTON, Margaret  Between Jul 1889 and Sep 1889South Shields, Durham, England I810
20 ATHERTON, Margaret  6 Mar 1934South Shields, Durham, England I45747
21 ATHERTON, Margaret Jane  Between Jul 1900 and Sep 1900South Shields, Durham, England I767
22 ATHERTON, Martha  Between Jan 1910 and Mar 1910South Shields, Durham, England I771
23 ATHERTON, Mary  4 May 1927South Shields, Durham, England I45434
24 ATHERTON, Phoebe  Between Jul 1904 and Sep 1904South Shields, Durham, England I815
25 ATHERTON, Phyllis  Between Jul 1906 and Sep 1906South Shields, Durham, England I37864
26 ATHERTON, Phyllis  Between Oct 1907 and Dec 1907South Shields, Durham, England I770
27 ATHERTON, Robert Frederick  20 Feb 1898South Shields, Durham, England I4647
28 ATHERTON, Sarah Ann  16 Feb 1916South Shields, Durham, England I28898
29 ATHERTON, Thomas Walton  Between Jan 1912 and Mar 1912South Shields, Durham, England I23525
30 LAWSON, Mary  21 Dec 1901South Shields, Durham, England I45432
31 LAYCOCK, Lavinia  28 May 1892South Shields, Durham, England I24473
32 MCADOO, Eliza  Between Jul 1891 and Sep 1891South Shields, Durham, England I28897
33 MELIA, Mary Ann  16 Oct 1904South Shields, Durham, England I11959
34 OWEN, George C S  Between Oct 1913 and Dec 1913South Shields, Durham, England I42448
35 SINCLAIR, Matthew G  Est 1864South Shields, Durham, England I7695
36 WRIGHT, Rebecca  Est 1881South Shields, Durham, England I12215


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Jan 1896 and Mar 1896South Shields, Durham, England I37862
2 ATHERTON, George  Between Jul 1888 and Sep 1888South Shields, Durham, England I17160
3 ATHERTON, Herbert Normanton  Nov 1918South Shields, Durham, England I5612
4 ATHERTON, Irene  Jul 1985South Shields, Durham, England I45433
5 ATHERTON, James Edward  Between Oct 1959 and Dec 1959South Shields, Durham, England I766
6 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1897 and Dec 1897South Shields, Durham, England I38112
7 ATHERTON, John Thomas  Between Jan 1919 and Mar 1919South Shields, Durham, England I805
8 ATHERTON, Jonathan Henry  Between Oct 1903 and Dec 1903South Shields, Durham, England I37863
9 ATHERTON, Phyllis  Between Oct 1907 and Dec 1907South Shields, Durham, England I37864
10 ATHERTON, William  Between Apr 1934 and Jun 1934South Shields, Durham, England I761
11 ATHERTON, William  Between Jul 1953 and Sep 1953South Shields, Durham, England I764
12 LAWSON, Mary  Between Jul 1975 and Sep 1975South Shields, Durham, England I45432
13 MELIA, Mary Ann  Between Oct 1997 and Dec 1997South Shields, Durham, England I11959


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / LAWSON  Between Apr 1923 and Jun 1923South Shields, Durham, England F15575
2 ATHERTON / LAYCOCK  Between Apr 1911 and Jun 1911South Shields, Durham, England F5693
3 ATHERTON / MCADOO  Between Apr 1911 and Jun 1911South Shields, Durham, England F8996
4 ATHERTON / MELIA  Between Jan 1927 and Mar 1927South Shields, Durham, England F5933
5 ATHERTON / WRIGHTSON  Between Jan 1914 and Mar 1914South Shields, Durham, England F11259
6 FLOWERS / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1905 and Sep 1905South Shields, Durham, England F4480
7 GIBBONS / ATHERTON  Between Oct 1904 and Dec 1904South Shields, Durham, England F6494
8 HODGSON / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909South Shields, Durham, England F4824
9 WRIGHT / ATHERTON  Between Jan 1919 and Mar 1919South Shields, Durham, England F1505

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