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Rochdale, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.6177045, Longitude: -2.1587488


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SELLERS, Alice  Est 1840Rochdale, Lancashire, England I1983
2 ROTHWELL, Adeline  Est 1864Rochdale, Lancashire, England I16274
3 RILEY, Mary  Est 1837Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17294
4 PITTS, Arthur  Est 1883Rochdale, Lancashire, England I1346
5 MELLOR, Percy  Est 1881Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12682
6 HOWARTH, Elizabeth Alice  Est 1873Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17803
7 HOLT, Donald Dunderdale  16 Apr 1910Rochdale, Lancashire, England I32471
8 HIRST, Sarah Jane  Between Jul 1883 and Sep 1883Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20470
9 EARNSHAW, Dorothy  8 Jul 1898Rochdale, Lancashire, England I44761
10 DARNBOROUGH, Eleanor  15 Apr 1904Rochdale, Lancashire, England I39678
11 DAIR, Annie  Est 1873Rochdale, Lancashire, England I2916
12 COUPE, Frank Mills  Est 1879Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12733
13 ATHERTON, William  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17809
14 ATHERTON, Thomas  18 Dec 1902Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17807
15 ATHERTON, Sarah Ann  Between Apr 1844 and Jun 1844Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21575
16 ATHERTON, Nellie  Between Jan 1883 and Mar 1883Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12732
17 ATHERTON, Mavis  25 Jan 1931Rochdale, Lancashire, England I39726
18 ATHERTON, Mary Jane  Between Apr 1862 and Jun 1862Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21578
19 ATHERTON, John Robert  Between Apr 1883 and Jun 1883Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21681
20 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1847 and Mar 1847Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21576
21 ATHERTON, Janet Chambers  Between Jul 1871 and Sep 1871Rochdale, Lancashire, England I15095
22 ATHERTON, James  1 Dec 1900Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17806
23 ATHERTON, Frederick  Between Jan 1899 and Mar 1899Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17805
24 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17804
25 ATHERTON, Charles Howarth  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17810
26 ATHERTON, Beatrice Mary  Between Jan 1905 and Mar 1905Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17808
27 ATHERTON, Annie  Between Apr 1880 and Jun 1880Rochdale, Lancashire, England I19057


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 WHALLEY, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1967 and Dec 1967Rochdale, Lancashire, England I40544
2 RODGERS, Clara  Between Oct 1992 and Dec 1992Rochdale, Lancashire, England I33767
3 HARGREAVES, Elsie  Between Jan 1977 and Mar 1977Rochdale, Lancashire, England I36012
4 CHAMBERS, Elizabeth  Between Jan 1881 and Mar 1881Rochdale, Lancashire, England I15093
5 ATHERTON, William  Between Oct 1996 and Dec 1996Rochdale, Lancashire, England I28658
6 ATHERTON, Susannah  Between Jul 1977 and Sep 1977Rochdale, Lancashire, England I24234
7 ATHERTON, Stuart  Between Apr 1980 and Jun 1980Rochdale, Lancashire, England I3398
8 ATHERTON, Mavis  Between Apr 2003 and Jun 2003Rochdale, Lancashire, England I39726
9 ATHERTON, Joseph  Between Jan 1981 and Mar 1981Rochdale, Lancashire, England I8348
10 ATHERTON, John Joseph  Between Apr 1984 and Jun 1984Rochdale, Lancashire, England I47301
11 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1893 and Sep 1893Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21685
12 ATHERTON, John  10 Jan 1884Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12727
13 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1849 and Sep 1849Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21576
14 ATHERTON, Joan Lillian  Between Oct 1996 and Dec 1996Rochdale, Lancashire, England I46585
15 ATHERTON, James  Between Oct 1899 and Dec 1899Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12730
16 ATHERTON, George F  Between Oct 1981 and Dec 1981Rochdale, Lancashire, England I46218
17 ATHERTON, Frederick  Between Apr 1935 and Jun 1935Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17802
18 ATHERTON, Charles Howarth  Between Oct 1910 and Dec 1910Rochdale, Lancashire, England I17810
19 ATHERTON, Agnes Elizabeth  Between Oct 1868 and Dec 1868Rochdale, Lancashire, England I38053


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WRIGHT / ATHERTON  9 Aug 1924Rochdale, Lancashire, England F13054
2 SUTTON / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1907 and Sep 1907Rochdale, Lancashire, England F4469
3 DEAN / ATHERTON  8 Apr 1922Rochdale, Lancashire, England F11023
4 COUPE / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Rochdale, Lancashire, England F6893
5 CAMPBELL / ATHERTON  10 Oct 1923Rochdale, Lancashire, England F13072
6 BROADHEAD / ATHERTON  13 Dec 1915Rochdale, Lancashire, England F3531
7 ATHERTON / LAWRENCE  16 Sep 1922Rochdale, Lancashire, England F11022
8 ATHERTON / KITCHEN  Between Oct 1882 and Dec 1882Rochdale, Lancashire, England F5309
9 ATHERTON / HEAP  Between Apr 1883 and Jun 1883Rochdale, Lancashire, England F5696
10 ATHERTON / DARNBOROUGH  1 Sep 1928Rochdale, Lancashire, England F13010
11 ATHERTON / BOTTOMLY  15 Aug 1842Rochdale, Lancashire, England F5265
12 ATHERTON / BOTTOMLEY  27 Dec 1824Rochdale, Lancashire, England F1542

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