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Orrell, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.5438359, Longitude: -2.7018108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WRIGHT, Ann  Est 1829Orrell, Lancashire, England I14458
2 WINNARD, James  1810Orrell, Lancashire, England I28452
3 WILSON, Catherine  Est 1828Orrell, Lancashire, England I14253
4 WALSH, Mary  15 Dec 1859Orrell, Lancashire, England I21880
5 UNKNOWN, Margaret  Est 1784Orrell, Lancashire, England I8240
6 UNKNOWN, Margaret  Est 1778Orrell, Lancashire, England I15021
7 TURNER, George  Est 1850Orrell, Lancashire, England I18386
8 TURNER, Daniel  Est 1865Orrell, Lancashire, England I16388
9 TOPPING, Margaret  Est 1821Orrell, Lancashire, England I13971
10 TOPPING, James  Est 1815Orrell, Lancashire, England I18304
11 TICKLE, Ellen  Est 1851Orrell, Lancashire, England I5804
12 TAYLOR, Margaret  Est 1864Orrell, Lancashire, England I13829
13 SIMPKIN, Sarah  Est 1836Orrell, Lancashire, England I18585
14 SIMM, Mary  Est 1880Orrell, Lancashire, England I17661
15 SIMM, James  Est 1849Orrell, Lancashire, England I9793
16 SIMM, Alice  6 Jan 1848Orrell, Lancashire, England I9792
17 SILCOCK, Peter  Est 1869Orrell, Lancashire, England I15173
18 ROWBOTTOM, Mary Ellen  Est 1865Orrell, Lancashire, England I13036
19 ROTHERHAM, Jane  Est 1837Orrell, Lancashire, England I13067
20 ROBY, Jane  Est 1837Orrell, Lancashire, England I13855
21 ROBY, Ellen  Est 1834Orrell, Lancashire, England I13766
22 RADCLIFFE, George  Est 1821Orrell, Lancashire, England I15097
23 PENNINGTON, Malachi  Est 1869Orrell, Lancashire, England I15770
24 PENDLETON, Peter  Est 1880Orrell, Lancashire, England I18364
25 PEET, Ann Hampson  22 Jul 1884Orrell, Lancashire, England I18567
26 PARKINSON, Ellen  Sep 1846Orrell, Lancashire, England I17646
27 NICHOLSON, Mary  Est 1861Orrell, Lancashire, England I12340
28 MOSS?, Ann  Est 1786Orrell, Lancashire, England I13009
29 MELLING, Thomas  Est 1858Orrell, Lancashire, England I13791
30 MELLING, Martha  Est 1802Orrell, Lancashire, England I15956
31 LIPTROT, Thomas  Est 1824Orrell, Lancashire, England I13790
32 LIPTROT, Sarah  Est 1831Orrell, Lancashire, England I13778
33 LIPTROT, Roger  Est 1810Orrell, Lancashire, England I21794
34 LIPTROT, Margaret  Est 1834Orrell, Lancashire, England I13777
35 LIPTROT, James  Est 1814Orrell, Lancashire, England I9790
36 LAWRENCE, Ellen  Est 1804Orrell, Lancashire, England I13246
37 LATHAM, Mary  Est 1842Orrell, Lancashire, England I13278
38 LAITHWAITE, Thomas  Est 1833Orrell, Lancashire, England I14492
39 JARVIS, John  Est 1842Orrell, Lancashire, England I13252
40 HULME, James Humphrey  Est 1872Orrell, Lancashire, England I13852
41 HOLT, Alice  Est 1877Orrell, Lancashire, England I5810
42 HEYES, Mary Elizabeth  Est 1857Orrell, Lancashire, England I14364
43 HAMPSON, Mary  Est 1888Orrell, Lancashire, England I22231
44 GRIMSHAW, Ellen  Est 1816Orrell, Lancashire, England I15551
45 GEE, Mary  Est 1867Orrell, Lancashire, England I13810
46 GASKELL, Elizabeth  Est 1840Orrell, Lancashire, England I14373
47 FREEMAN, Margaret  Est 1826Orrell, Lancashire, England I17581
48 FISHWICK, Elizabeth  Est 1802Orrell, Lancashire, England I13887
49 DICKINSON, Joshua  Est 1803Orrell, Lancashire, England I14518
50 DICKINSON, Elizabeth  Est 1883Orrell, Lancashire, England I14496

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 PARKINSON, Ellen  Aug 1908Orrell, Lancashire, England I17646
2 MOSS, Ellen  May 1879Orrell, Lancashire, England I18376
3 DARBYSHIRE, Margaret  Aug 1849Orrell, Lancashire, England I28451
4 BROXON, Margaret  May 1869Orrell, Lancashire, England I18367
5 BRADLEY, Jane  May 1866Orrell, Lancashire, England I17628
6 ATHERTON, William  Jan 1875Orrell, Lancashire, England I18687
7 ATHERTON, William  Between Apr 1873 and Jun 1873Orrell, Lancashire, England I38116
8 ATHERTON, William  Feb 1872Orrell, Lancashire, England I14504
9 ATHERTON, William  Est 1835Orrell, Lancashire, England I13776
10 ATHERTON, Thomas  Dec 1765Orrell, Lancashire, England I31859
11 ATHERTON, Samuel  Dec 1891Orrell, Lancashire, England I13255
12 ATHERTON, Samuel  Oct 1726Orrell, Lancashire, England I31851
13 ATHERTON, Richard  1729Orrell, Lancashire, England I31850
14 ATHERTON, Peter  Apr 1795Orrell, Lancashire, England I39633
15 ATHERTON, Michael  Aug 1821Orrell, Lancashire, England I5802
16 ATHERTON, Mary  Mar 1881Orrell, Lancashire, England I17857
17 ATHERTON, Mary  Oct 1849Orrell, Lancashire, England I18698
18 ATHERTON, Mary  Dec 1809Orrell, Lancashire, England I33739
19 ATHERTON, Mary  Mar 1722Orrell, Lancashire, England I31847
20 ATHERTON, Mary  Oct 1714Orrell, Lancashire, England I31845
21 ATHERTON, Martha  Dec 1848Orrell, Lancashire, England I18489
22 ATHERTON, Joseph  Dec 1809Orrell, Lancashire, England I33738
23 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1904 and Dec 1904Orrell, Lancashire, England I37897
24 ATHERTON, John  Feb 1853Orrell, Lancashire, England I17627
25 ATHERTON, John  Mar 1846Orrell, Lancashire, England I18301
26 ATHERTON, John  Apr 1828Orrell, Lancashire, England I39571
27 ATHERTON, James  Between 1893 and 1897Orrell, Lancashire, England I17863
28 ATHERTON, James  May 1875Orrell, Lancashire, England I37869
29 ATHERTON, James  Dec 1861Orrell, Lancashire, England I9783
30 ATHERTON, James  Jan 1852Orrell, Lancashire, England I17629
31 ATHERTON, James  Oct 1849Orrell, Lancashire, England I13015
32 ATHERTON, George  Oct 1744Orrell, Lancashire, England I31844
33 ATHERTON, George  1726Orrell, Lancashire, England I31848
34 ATHERTON, Ellen  Feb 1845Orrell, Lancashire, England I18370
35 ATHERTON, Ellen  Jun 1821Orrell, Lancashire, England I39572
36 ATHERTON, Ellen  Mar 1818Orrell, Lancashire, England I21542
37 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Jul 1863Orrell, Lancashire, England I9784
38 ATHERTON, Edmund  Dec 1787Orrell, Lancashire, England I31837
39 ATHERTON, Charles  Apr 1790Orrell, Lancashire, England I31836
40 ATHERTON, Charles  Dec 1770Orrell, Lancashire, England I31861
41 ATHERTON, Charles  Jul 1752Orrell, Lancashire, England I31865
42 ATHERTON, Anne  Apr 1826Orrell, Lancashire, England I18372
43 ATHERTON, Ann  May 1825Orrell, Lancashire, England I15019
44 ATHERTON, Ann  Aug 1822Orrell, Lancashire, England I15017
45 ATHERTON, Ann  Between 1819 and 1825Orrell, Lancashire, England I18371
46 AINSCOUGH, John  24 May 1918Orrell, Lancashire, England I48059
47 Esther  Oct 1726Orrell, Lancashire, England I31852


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