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Liverpool North, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.4083714, Longitude: -2.9915726


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Margaret  18 Jul 1939Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I41815
2 ATHERTON, Vincent Robert  19 Sep 1938Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I43777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Arthur  Between Jan 1959 and Mar 1959Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10396
2 ATHERTON, Charles  Between Jul 1957 and Sep 1957Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10393
3 ATHERTON, Cornelius  Between Oct 1967 and Dec 1967Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I7396
4 ATHERTON, Dorothy  Between Jul 1962 and Sep 1962Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I44487
5 ATHERTON, Ernest  Between Oct 1968 and Dec 1968Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I8062
6 ATHERTON, Frederick Charles  Between Jan 1964 and Mar 1964Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10687
7 ATHERTON, George Newton  Between Apr 1945 and Jun 1945Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I7418
8 ATHERTON, George Thomas  Between Apr 1939 and Jun 1939Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I1213
9 ATHERTON, Harold Brough  Between Apr 1954 and Jun 1954Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I7417
10 ATHERTON, Isaac  Between Jul 1934 and Sep 1934Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I5019
11 ATHERTON, Isaac  Between Apr 1968 and Jun 1968Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I5028
12 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1948 and Jun 1948Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I20726
13 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1948 and Dec 1948Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I11691
14 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1949 and Sep 1949Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I11734
15 ATHERTON, John Francis  Between Apr 1982 and Jun 1982Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I34507
16 ATHERTON, Joseph  Between Jan 1940 and Mar 1940Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I11518
17 ATHERTON, Joseph Samuel  Between Jan 1948 and Mar 1948Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I11646
18 ATHERTON, Julie  Between Apr 1967 and Jun 1967Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I41842
19 ATHERTON, Lily  Between Apr 1945 and Jun 1945Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I28951
20 ATHERTON, Mary Selby  Between Jan 1952 and Mar 1952Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10650
21 ATHERTON, Robert  Between Jan 1939 and Mar 1939Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I4918
22 ATHERTON, Robert J  Between Jan 1942 and Mar 1942Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I42724
23 ATHERTON, Samuel  Between Apr 1940 and Jun 1940Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10520
24 ATHERTON, Samuel James  Between Jan 1962 and Mar 1962Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I11253
25 ATHERTON, Samuel William  Between Jul 1954 and Sep 1954Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10391
26 ATHERTON, Stanley  Between Oct 1968 and Dec 1968Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10395
27 ATHERTON, Sydney  Between Jul 1963 and Sep 1963Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I3383
28 ATHERTON, Sydney  Between Jan 1964 and Mar 1964Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I4972
29 ATHERTON, William Ernest  Between Oct 1950 and Dec 1950Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10283
30 ATHERTON, William George  Between Apr 1956 and Jun 1956Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I40621
31 ATHERTON, William H  Between Jan 1935 and Mar 1935Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I46391
32 ATHERTON, Zilla Kezia  Between Oct 1946 and Dec 1946Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I496
33 BARROW, Isabella Grace  Between Jan 1969 and Mar 1969Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I33759
34 COLENSO, Hilary L  Between Oct 1948 and Dec 1948Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I47384
35 GORDON, Lily  Between Oct 1958 and Dec 1958Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10392
36 HANSON, Margaret Alice  Between Jul 1940 and Sep 1940Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I4029
37 HUNT, Eileen M  Between Oct 1950 and Dec 1950Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I47066
38 JONES, Flora May  Between Apr 1938 and Jun 1938Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10847
39 LEWIS, Evelyn Constance  Between Apr 1964 and Jun 1964Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I23181
40 LEWIS, Mary Jane  Between Apr 1951 and Jun 1951Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I10416
41 MAY, Lilian Alice  Between Apr 1952 and Jun 1952Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I8458
42 MEESON, Jane  Between Apr 1959 and Jun 1959Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I9736
43 MERCER, Emma  Between Oct 1955 and Dec 1955Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I11320
44 NAPIER, Mary Jane  Between Oct 1944 and Dec 1944Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I11647
45 OATES, Sarah Elizabeth  Between Apr 1962 and Jun 1962Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I24103
46 OWEN, Florence  Between Jul 1969 and Sep 1969Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I42705
47 O`BRIEN, Bridget Mary  Between Jan 1969 and Mar 1969Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I23179
48 PILKINGTON, Ellen  Between Jul 1935 and Sep 1935Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I21998
49 PURNELL, Lilian W  Between Jul 1942 and Sep 1942Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I34987
50 ROACH, Florence Mary  Between Jul 1961 and Sep 1961Liverpool North, Lancashire, England I23890

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Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / BOYCE  Between Apr 1944 and Jun 1944Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F15085
2 ATHERTON / BUSSEY  Between Jul 1929 and Sep 1929Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F14534
3 ATHERTON / CROSBIE  Between Jul 1939 and Sep 1939Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F14450
4 ATHERTON / DOWARD  Between Apr 1935 and Jun 1935Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F15303
5 ATHERTON / HAYES  Between Jul 1954 and Sep 1954Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F14739
6 ATHERTON / STRETCH  Between Jan 1938 and Mar 1938Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F16007
7 ATHERTON / TIMSON  Between Jul 1937 and Sep 1937Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F10792
8 COOKE / ATHERTON  Between Apr 1938 and Jun 1938Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F14447
9 SCULLY / ATHERTON  Between Jan 1936 and Mar 1936Liverpool North, Lancashire, England F12847

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