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Congleton, Cheshire, England


Latitude: 53.1630294, Longitude: -2.2112316


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLCOCK, Job Daniel  Est 1874Congleton, Cheshire, England I14697
2 ATHERTON, Alice Maria  Between Jan 1890 and Mar 1890Congleton, Cheshire, England I14706
3 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Apr 1840 and Jun 1840Congleton, Cheshire, England I38043
4 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Congleton, Cheshire, England I19437
5 ATHERTON, Bertram E E  Between Jan 1922 and Mar 1922Congleton, Cheshire, England I41675
6 ATHERTON, Caroline Ruth   I45135
7 ATHERTON, Catherine   I28716
8 ATHERTON, Charlotte  Between Oct 1891 and Dec 1891Congleton, Cheshire, England I14707
9 ATHERTON, Edith  Between Apr 1885 and Jun 1885Congleton, Cheshire, England I19439
10 ATHERTON, Edith   I28717
11 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1875 and Dec 1875Congleton, Cheshire, England I19436
12 ATHERTON, Elizabeth Ann  Between Oct 1884 and Dec 1884Congleton, Cheshire, England I14689
13 ATHERTON, Ellen Beatrice  Between Oct 1888 and Dec 1888Congleton, Cheshire, England I38614
14 ATHERTON, Eric Pimlett  25 Sep 1923Congleton, Cheshire, England I6921
15 ATHERTON, Florie  Between Jul 1886 and Sep 1886Congleton, Cheshire, England I6802
16 ATHERTON, Florrie  Between Apr 1885 and Jun 1885Congleton, Cheshire, England I38613
17 ATHERTON, George Weston  4 Aug 1899Congleton, Cheshire, England I19441
18 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Jan 1881 and Mar 1881Congleton, Cheshire, England I19438
19 ATHERTON, Ivy  Between Jan 1891 and Mar 1891Congleton, Cheshire, England I6799
20 ATHERTON, James  Between Jan 1888 and Mar 1888Congleton, Cheshire, England I14690
21 ATHERTON, Joanne Louise   I43074
22 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1865 and Jun 1865Congleton, Cheshire, England I19455
23 ATHERTON, John  22 Nov 1872Congleton, Cheshire, England I19435
24 ATHERTON, Leonard   I41680
25 ATHERTON, Maretta  Between Jul 1883 and Sep 1883Congleton, Cheshire, England I38612
26 ATHERTON, Margaret Ann  Between Jul 1872 and Sep 1872Congleton, Cheshire, England I19431
27 ATHERTON, Margaret Annie  Between Jan 1870 and Mar 1870Congleton, Cheshire, England I22832
28 ATHERTON, Martha Ellen  27 Sep 1889Congleton, Cheshire, England I14692
29 ATHERTON, Mary  Between Jan 1896 and Mar 1896Congleton, Cheshire, England I38615
30 ATHERTON, Mary Annie  Between Apr 1888 and Jun 1888Congleton, Cheshire, England I14705
31 ATHERTON, Nathan  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Congleton, Cheshire, England I6803
32 ATHERTON, Nellie  7 Oct 1890Congleton, Cheshire, England I14694
33 ATHERTON, Philip   I41678
34 ATHERTON, Ralph Michael   I43075
35 ATHERTON, Ronald   I43994
36 ATHERTON, Rosalyn Louise   I45134
37 ATHERTON, Ruth Hannah  Between Jul 1875 and Sep 1875Congleton, Cheshire, England I19432
38 ATHERTON, Samuel  8 Oct 1886Congleton, Cheshire, England I14691
39 ATHERTON, Sarah Alice  Between Jul 1882 and Sep 1882Congleton, Cheshire, England I14688
40 ATHERTON, Walter  27 Sep 1889Congleton, Cheshire, England I14693
41 ATHERTON, William Ewart Gladstone  Between Apr 1898 and Jun 1898Congleton, Cheshire, England I6800
42 BENNION, Melinda  Between Oct 1863 and Dec 1863Congleton, Cheshire, England I7216
43 CARDEN, Ann  Est 1852Congleton, Cheshire, England I3805
44 DEMPSEY, Doris  30 Aug 1903Congleton, Cheshire, England I47631
45 DUTTON, Ernest Harry  Est 1881Congleton, Cheshire, England I20051
46 GREEN, Sarah Ann  18 Jul 1894Congleton, Cheshire, England I23178
47 PRICE, Rosetta  23 Jan 1901Congleton, Cheshire, England I43205
48 SUTTON, Abraham  Est 1859Congleton, Cheshire, England I19813
49 WHEELDON, Lilian Ethel  17 Apr 1911Congleton, Cheshire, England I46737


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Albert  Between Oct 1982 and Dec 1982Congleton, Cheshire, England I7320
2 ATHERTON, Alfred Norman  Between Oct 1974 and Dec 1974Congleton, Cheshire, England I7087
3 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Apr 1840 and Jun 1840Congleton, Cheshire, England I38043
4 ATHERTON, Bert  Between Oct 1989 and Dec 1989Congleton, Cheshire, England I20572
5 ATHERTON, Bertram E E  Between Oct 1922 and Dec 1922Congleton, Cheshire, England I41675
6 ATHERTON, Clifford  17 Aug 1988Congleton, Cheshire, England I4305
7 ATHERTON, Constance  Between Jul 1983 and Sep 1983Congleton, Cheshire, England I4307
8 ATHERTON, Ellen Beatrice  Between Oct 1889 and Dec 1889Congleton, Cheshire, England I38614
9 ATHERTON, Eric Pimlett  Feb 1984Congleton, Cheshire, England I6921
10 ATHERTON, Florrie  Between Apr 1885 and Jun 1885Congleton, Cheshire, England I38613
11 ATHERTON, Fred Wilkinson  Between Apr 1989 and Jun 1989Congleton, Cheshire, England I10234
12 ATHERTON, George  Between Jul 1974 and Sep 1974Congleton, Cheshire, England I4309
13 ATHERTON, Ivy  Between Apr 1892 and Jun 1892Congleton, Cheshire, England I6799
14 ATHERTON, James Bernard  Mar Q 1988Congleton, Cheshire, England I9330
15 ATHERTON, John Thomas  Between Jan 1979 and Mar 1979Congleton, Cheshire, England I14711
16 ATHERTON, Joseph Ronald  Between Oct 1985 and Dec 1985Congleton, Cheshire, England I6910
17 ATHERTON, Kenneth  Between Apr 1982 and Jun 1982Congleton, Cheshire, England I45580
18 ATHERTON, Laban  Between Jul 1978 and Sep 1978Congleton, Cheshire, England I7084
19 ATHERTON, Maretta  Between Jan 1886 and Mar 1886Congleton, Cheshire, England I38612
20 ATHERTON, Martha Ellen  10 Oct 1889Congleton, Cheshire, England I14692
21 ATHERTON, Mary  Between Jan 1896 and Mar 1896Congleton, Cheshire, England I38615
22 ATHERTON, Nathan  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Congleton, Cheshire, England I6803
23 ATHERTON, Nellie  20 Oct 1890Congleton, Cheshire, England I14694
24 ATHERTON, Samuel  23 Feb 1889Congleton, Cheshire, England I14691
25 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Jul 1979 and Sep 1979Congleton, Cheshire, England I19448
26 ATHERTON, Walter  2 Oct 1889Congleton, Cheshire, England I14693
27 ATHERTON, William Henry  Between Jan 1987 and Mar 1987Congleton, Cheshire, England I7086
28 BEBBINGTON, Margaret Alice  Between Apr 1974 and Jun 1974Congleton, Cheshire, England I43985
29 BETTANEY, Rhoda A E  Between Apr 1987 and Jun 1987Congleton, Cheshire, England I44027
30 CAWLEY, Sarah Jane  Between Jan 1985 and Mar 1985Congleton, Cheshire, England I23582
31 CROOK, Ann  Between Apr 1883 and Jun 1883Congleton, Cheshire, England I14674
32 DAVIES, Ann  Between Apr 1984 and Jun 1984Congleton, Cheshire, England I42958
33 MOSS, Hilda Hannah H  Between Jul 1981 and Sep 1981Congleton, Cheshire, England I6801
34 PERRY, Lilian Ann  Between Apr 1975 and Jun 1975Congleton, Cheshire, England I46021
35 STANIER, Thomas Henry  Between Apr 1984 and Jun 1984Congleton, Cheshire, England I47579
36 WHEELDON, Lilian Ethel  Between Jul 1986 and Sep 1986Congleton, Cheshire, England I46737


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / BEESTON  Between Jul 1931 and Sep 1931Congleton, Cheshire, England F15021
2 ATHERTON / GARBUTT  Between Jan 1872 and Mar 1872Congleton, Cheshire, England F1398
3 ATHERTON / HUGHES  Between Jul 1920 and Sep 1920Congleton, Cheshire, England F2206
4 ATHERTON / PICKSTOCK  Between Oct 1882 and Dec 1882Congleton, Cheshire, England F4458
5 ATHERTON / REDFERN  Between Jul 1864 and Sep 1864Congleton, Cheshire, England F4042
6 ATHERTON / WHEELDON  Between Oct 1936 and Dec 1936Congleton, Cheshire, England F16098
7 BIRD / ATHERTON  Between Oct 1872 and Dec 1872Congleton, Cheshire, England F6432
8 CALDWELL / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1893 and Sep 1893Congleton, Cheshire, England F7093
9 FRYER / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1878 and Sep 1878Congleton, Cheshire, England F2233
10 MOORES / ATHERTON  Between Oct 1876 and Dec 1876Congleton, Cheshire, England F6396

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