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Blackpool, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.8200461, Longitude: -3.0406466


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Gracie  Est 1906Blackpool, Lancashire, England I17437
2 ATHERTON, Harry  1870Blackpool, Lancashire, England I39058
3 ATHERTON, Jack Chisnall  1 Nov 1917Blackpool, Lancashire, England I23461
4 ATHERTON, Maureen Ann  21 May 1939Blackpool, Lancashire, England I41226
5 ATHERTON, Maurice Chisnall  6 Mar 1915Blackpool, Lancashire, England I23460
6 ATHERTON, Rodney  Between Oct 1949 and Dec 1949Blackpool, Lancashire, England I41232
7 ATHERTON, Theresa Doris  27 Jan 1897Blackpool, Lancashire, England I2008
8 BIRCHALL, Bessie  Est 1870Blackpool, Lancashire, England I1338
9 CROMPTON, Annie  23 Oct 1871Blackpool, Lancashire, England I4636
10 DOBSON, Margaret  1870Blackpool, Lancashire, England I39059
11 HUNT, Dorothy  Est 1866Blackpool, Lancashire, England I4992
12 ROSSALL, Robert  Est 1884Blackpool, Lancashire, England I1345
13 TOTMAN, Freda Isadore  20 Jan 1919Blackpool, Lancashire, England I48026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Jane  Between Jan 1986 and Mar 1986Blackpool, Lancashire, England I39978
2 ATHERTON, Alfred  Between Jan 1996 and Mar 1996Blackpool, Lancashire, England I34805
3 ATHERTON, Archibald  Between Jan 1959 and Mar 1959Blackpool, Lancashire, England I9270
4 ATHERTON, Clifford  Between Apr 1987 and Jun 1987Blackpool, Lancashire, England I11440
5 ATHERTON, Doris  2 Aug 1972Blackpool, Lancashire, England I4031
6 ATHERTON, Edith Mary  Between Jul 1996 and Sep 1996Blackpool, Lancashire, England I19112
7 ATHERTON, Edward  Between Apr 2000 and Jun 2000Blackpool, Lancashire, England I36365
8 ATHERTON, Edward Daniel  Between Oct 1989 and Dec 1989Blackpool, Lancashire, England I24518
9 ATHERTON, Elizabeth  18 Feb 1993Blackpool, Lancashire, England I2782
10 ATHERTON, Grace M  Between Jul 1952 and Sep 1952Blackpool, Lancashire, England I45109
11 ATHERTON, Harold W  Between Jul 1998 and Sep 1998Blackpool, Lancashire, England I39831
12 ATHERTON, Henry  Between Apr 1967 and Jun 1967Blackpool, Lancashire, England I1305
13 ATHERTON, Henry  Between Apr 1967 and Jun 1967Blackpool, Lancashire, England I9510
14 ATHERTON, Henry  Between Apr 1967 and Jun 1967Blackpool, Lancashire, England I13803
15 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Apr 1983 and Jun 1983Blackpool, Lancashire, England I34496
16 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1972 and Sep 1972Blackpool, Lancashire, England I5844
17 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1983 and Jun 1983Blackpool, Lancashire, England I47411
18 ATHERTON, John Albert  Between Jul 1947 and Sep 1947Blackpool, Lancashire, England I7815
19 ATHERTON, Mary  Between Jan 1974 and Mar 1974Blackpool, Lancashire, England I23671
20 ATHERTON, Mary  Between Apr 1998 and Jun 1998Blackpool, Lancashire, England I28738
21 ATHERTON, Olga  Between Oct 1983 and Dec 1983Blackpool, Lancashire, England I34057
22 ATHERTON, Rodney  Between Oct 1949 and Dec 1949Blackpool, Lancashire, England I41232
23 ATHERTON, Rowe  Between Jan 1987 and Mar 1987Blackpool, Lancashire, England I6445
24 ATHERTON, Roy Ewart  Between Jan 2002 and Mar 2002Blackpool, Lancashire, England I28292
25 ATHERTON, Samuel  5 Sep 1933Blackpool, Lancashire, England I2769
26 ATHERTON, Theresa Doris  Jun Q 1977Blackpool, Lancashire, England I2008
27 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Jan 1955 and Mar 1955Blackpool, Lancashire, England I2765
28 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Jul 1967 and Sep 1967Blackpool, Lancashire, England I14530
29 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Jul 1983 and Sep 1983Blackpool, Lancashire, England I17807
30 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Jul 1985 and Sep 1985Blackpool, Lancashire, England I2011
31 ATHERTON, Thomas Knowles  Between Jan 1994 and Mar 1994Blackpool, Lancashire, England I39317
32 ATHERTON, Thomas Russell  Between Oct 1979 and Dec 1979Blackpool, Lancashire, England I20301
33 ATHERTON, Walter  1947Blackpool, Lancashire, England I3871
34 ATHERTON, Walter  Between Oct 1989 and Dec 1989Blackpool, Lancashire, England I39663
35 ATHERTON, Walter Ernest  6 Mar 1970Blackpool, Lancashire, England I4030
36 ATHERTON, Wilfred  Between Oct 2001 and Dec 2001Blackpool, Lancashire, England I28862
37 BALL, Nellie  Between Oct 1998 and Dec 1998Blackpool, Lancashire, England I38450
38 BULL, Alice  Between Jul 1976 and Sep 1976Blackpool, Lancashire, England I19377
39 COLLINGE, Alice  11 Aug 1950Blackpool, Lancashire, England I2781
40 CORNALL, Mary Louise  Between Oct 1926 and Dec 1926Blackpool, Lancashire, England I39738
41 CROWTHER, Grace  Between Apr 2001 and Jun 2001Blackpool, Lancashire, England I47412
42 DARNBOROUGH, Eleanor  Between Jan 1995 and Mar 1995Blackpool, Lancashire, England I39678
43 DRINKWATER, Mabel Eliza  29 Apr 1970Blackpool, Lancashire, England I21624
44 DYMOND, Winifred May  Between Apr 1984 and Jun 1984Blackpool, Lancashire, England I24128
45 GRICE, Florence  Between Apr 1966 and Jun 1966Blackpool, Lancashire, England I34155
46 GRICE, Mary  Between Oct 1970 and Dec 1970Blackpool, Lancashire, England I8469
47 HIGGINSON, Dorothy  Between Jul 1986 and Sep 1986Blackpool, Lancashire, England I45182
48 HOLT, Donald Dunderdale  Between Jul 1993 and Sep 1993Blackpool, Lancashire, England I32471
49 HUNT, Mary Elizabeth  Between Jul 1975 and Sep 1975Blackpool, Lancashire, England I28289
50 JORDAN, Mabel Gwendoline  Between Jul 1998 and Sep 1998Blackpool, Lancashire, England I34497

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Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / BRAITHWAITE  Between Oct 1951 and Dec 1951Blackpool, Lancashire, England F15597
2 ATHERTON / CORNALL  21 Apr 1925Blackpool, Lancashire, England F13042
3 ATHERTON / DYMOND  25 Sep 1917Blackpool, Lancashire, England F5081
4 ATHERTON / HUNT  8 Nov 1896Blackpool, Lancashire, England F5846
5 ATHERTON / IBISON  Between Apr 1895 and Jun 1895Blackpool, Lancashire, England F2044
6 ATHERTON / JORDAN  Between Jul 1937 and Sep 1937Blackpool, Lancashire, England F11247
7 ATHERTON / PYE  Between Oct 1913 and Dec 1913Blackpool, Lancashire, England F12866
8 ATHERTON / URMSTON  Between Apr 1934 and Jun 1934Blackpool, Lancashire, England F11028
9 BARCLAY / ATHERTON  13 Oct 1917Blackpool, Lancashire, England F6296
10 COMER / ATHERTON  Dec Q 1937Blackpool, Lancashire, England F16637
11 JOSHUA / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1946 and Sep 1946Blackpool, Lancashire, England F15464
12 PITTS / ATHERTON  10 Apr 1907Blackpool, Lancashire, England F7473
13 ROSSALL / ATHERTON  25 Dec 1907Blackpool, Lancashire, England F6156

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