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Barnsley, Yorkshire, England


Latitude: 53.5568248, Longitude: -1.4732555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Alice  14 Feb 1915Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I41943
2 ATHERTON, Albert Edward  20 Aug 1880Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12043
3 ATHERTON, Alfred  Between Jan 1899 and Mar 1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12060
4 ATHERTON, Alfred Hawcroft  Between Jan 1866 and Mar 1866Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12075
5 ATHERTON, Alice  Between Apr 1905 and Jun 1905Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37711
6 ATHERTON, Alice  Between Oct 1907 and Dec 1907Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37712
7 ATHERTON, Allen  Between Apr 1867 and Jun 1867Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12514
8 ATHERTON, Allen  Between Oct 1899 and Dec 1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12530
9 ATHERTON, Amy  Between Oct 1906 and Dec 1906Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12535
10 ATHERTON, Ann  Est 1834Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12545
11 ATHERTON, Ann  Between Oct 1853 and Dec 1853Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12508
12 ATHERTON, Arthur Coldwell  Between Jan 1878 and Mar 1878Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12522
13 ATHERTON, Bessie  Between Oct 1899 and Dec 1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12083
14 ATHERTON, Betty  31 Jan 1930Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I41936
15 ATHERTON, Cephas  Between Oct 1900 and Dec 1900Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12084
16 ATHERTON, Charles Edward  3 May 1903Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12531
17 ATHERTON, Charles William  Between Jul 1876 and Sep 1876Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12550
18 ATHERTON, Clara  Between Oct 1893 and Dec 1893Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37668
19 ATHERTON, Clifford  16 May 1897Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12529
20 ATHERTON, Donald  3 Apr 1904Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12090
21 ATHERTON, Dorothy  Between Apr 1906 and Jun 1906Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12532
22 ATHERTON, Edith Bamforth  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12520
23 ATHERTON, Eliza  1867Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12577
24 ATHERTON, Eliza  Between Jan 1869 and Mar 1869Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12515
25 ATHERTON, Elizabeth Ann  6 Jan 1878Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I35131
26 ATHERTON, Elizabeth Ann  1 Dec 1884Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I36358
27 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Apr 1885 and Jun 1885Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12078
28 ATHERTON, Ellen  9 May 1887Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12044
29 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Apr 1894 and Jun 1894Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12058
30 ATHERTON, Ellen  Between Jan 1897 and Mar 1897Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37672
31 ATHERTON, Emma  Between Apr 1865 and Jun 1865Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12513
32 ATHERTON, Ernest  Between Jul 1902 and Sep 1902Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37682
33 ATHERTON, Ernest Bertram  Between Jul 1896 and Sep 1896Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37678
34 ATHERTON, Esther Ann  Between Apr 1888 and Jun 1888Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12063
35 ATHERTON, Ethel  8 Feb 1906Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12086
36 ATHERTON, Eva  Between Oct 1882 and Dec 1882Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37675
37 ATHERTON, Evelyn  Between Oct 1913 and Dec 1913Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I23720
38 ATHERTON, Female  Between Jan 1901 and Mar 1901Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37679
39 ATHERTON, Frank  Between Jan 1897 and Mar 1897Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12059
40 ATHERTON, Frederick Clarence  13 Sep 1902Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12046
41 ATHERTON, George  Est 1814Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12541
42 ATHERTON, George  Between Oct 1863 and Dec 1863Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12553
43 ATHERTON, Gertrude  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12536
44 ATHERTON, Gertrude  Between Oct 1913 and Dec 1913Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24449
45 ATHERTON, Gladys  Between Jul 1920 and Sep 1920Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24112
46 ATHERTON, Hannah  Between Oct 1888 and Dec 1888Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12080
47 ATHERTON, Harold Leslie  Between Apr 1901 and Jun 1901Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37683
48 ATHERTON, Harriet  Between Jan 1856 and Mar 1856Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12509
49 ATHERTON, Harriet  Between Oct 1872 and Dec 1872Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12559
50 ATHERTON, Harriet  Between Jan 1887 and Mar 1887Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12079

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Alice  Between Apr 2007 and Jun 2007Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I41943
2 ATHERTON, Alan  13 Aug 2012Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I28031
3 ATHERTON, Alfred Hawcroft  Between Jan 1866 and Mar 1866Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12075
4 ATHERTON, Alice  Between Jul 1906 and Sep 1906Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37711
5 ATHERTON, Alice  Between Jul 1908 and Sep 1908Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37712
6 ATHERTON, Allen  Between Jan 1912 and Mar 1912Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12514
7 ATHERTON, Arthur Coldwell  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12522
8 ATHERTON, Betty  Between Jul 1983 and Sep 1983Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I41936
9 ATHERTON, Cephas  Between Apr 1902 and Jun 1902Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12084
10 ATHERTON, Charles  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12503
11 ATHERTON, Charles Edward  Between Jan 1965 and Mar 1965Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12531
12 ATHERTON, Charles William  Between Apr 1877 and Jun 1877Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12550
13 ATHERTON, Clifford  Between Oct 1957 and Dec 1957Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12529
14 ATHERTON, Donald  Between Apr 1968 and Jun 1968Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12090
15 ATHERTON, Dorothy  Between Oct 1966 and Dec 1966Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12532
16 ATHERTON, Edith Bamforth  Between Apr 1918 and Jun 1918Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12520
17 ATHERTON, Eliza  Between Jul 1873 and Sep 1873Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12515
18 ATHERTON, Elizabeth Ann  Feb 1878Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I35131
19 ATHERTON, Elizabeth Ann  Between Oct 1887 and Dec 1887Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I36358
20 ATHERTON, Emma  Between Jan 1863 and Mar 1863Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12505
21 ATHERTON, Emma  Between Jan 1883 and Mar 1883Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12513
22 ATHERTON, Ernest  Between Jan 1903 and Mar 1903Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37682
23 ATHERTON, Ernest Bertram  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37678
24 ATHERTON, Eva  Between Jul 1887 and Sep 1887Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37675
25 ATHERTON, Francis Phillip  Between Apr 1904 and Jun 1904Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12028
26 ATHERTON, Frederick Clarence  Between Jan 1960 and Mar 1960Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12046
27 ATHERTON, George  Between Apr 1864 and Jun 1864Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12541
28 ATHERTON, George  Between Apr 1864 and Jun 1864Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12553
29 ATHERTON, Gertrude  Between Oct 1913 and Dec 1913Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24449
30 ATHERTON, Gladys  Between Jul 1920 and Sep 1920Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I24112
31 ATHERTON, Harold Leslie  Between Jul 1901 and Sep 1901Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37683
32 ATHERTON, Harry  Between Jul 1894 and Sep 1894Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37667
33 ATHERTON, Harry  Between Jul 1899 and Sep 1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37671
34 ATHERTON, Harry  Between Apr 1981 and Jun 1981Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I23855
35 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Oct 1915 and Dec 1915Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I34281
36 ATHERTON, Hilda  Between Jan 1893 and Mar 1893Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37677
37 ATHERTON, Horace  Between Oct 1910 and Dec 1910Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37681
38 ATHERTON, James Unsworth  Between Oct 1953 and Dec 1953Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I15383
39 ATHERTON, Jean  Between Jan 1964 and Mar 1964Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I41001
40 ATHERTON, Joan L  Between Apr 1992 and Jun 1992Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I23881
41 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1851 and Dec 1851Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12569
42 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1852 and Sep 1852Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12523
43 ATHERTON, John Edward  Aug 1918Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12038
44 ATHERTON, John Hawcroft  Between Jan 1903 and Mar 1903Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37685
45 ATHERTON, John Oxley  Between Apr 1957 and Jun 1957Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12528
46 ATHERTON, John Robert  Between Jan 1961 and Mar 1961Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I34453
47 ATHERTON, Joseph  Between Apr 1899 and Jun 1899Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37669
48 ATHERTON, Joseph  Between Jul 1902 and Sep 1902Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12067
49 ATHERTON, Lily  Between Jul 1873 and Sep 1873Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I12516
50 ATHERTON, Mabel  Between Jan 1902 and Mar 1902Barnsley, Yorkshire, England I37684

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / ANDREWS  Between Apr 1938 and Jun 1938Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F14020
2 ATHERTON / BASSETT  23 Jan 1932Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F12978
3 ATHERTON / BENTLEY  29 Jul 1891Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2019
4 ATHERTON / COLDWELL  23 Dec 1860Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1261
5 ATHERTON / COOK  Between Jul 1915 and Sep 1915Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2750
6 ATHERTON / DEAN  Between Jan 1936 and Mar 1936Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F14013
7 ATHERTON / FAIRCLOUGH  Between Oct 1910 and Dec 1910Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F5703
8 ATHERTON / FINCH  Between Jul 1896 and Sep 1896Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F5101
9 ATHERTON / FOX  Between Apr 1927 and Jun 1927Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F12914
10 ATHERTON / HAIGH  2 Jul 1834Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F1590
11 ATHERTON / HAWCROFT  24 Oct 1857Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F751
12 ATHERTON / HOBSON  20 Aug 1905Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2224
13 ATHERTON / LAWLEY  8 Jun 1891Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F5724
14 ATHERTON / POULTER  29 Jan 1888Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F676
15 ATHERTON / REEVE  Between Apr 1919 and Jun 1919Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2733
16 ATHERTON / RUDDLESDEN  3 Mar 1873Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4403
17 ATHERTON / SHAW  Between Jul 1860 and Sep 1860Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4654
18 ATHERTON / TRUELOVE  Between Apr 1913 and Jun 1913Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F11228
19 ATHERTON / UTLEY  Between Jan 1883 and Mar 1883Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2221
20 ATHERTON / WHITE  3 Mar 1930Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F12977
21 ATHERTON / YOUNG  25 Dec 1912Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4769
22 BARRACLOUGH / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1907 and Sep 1907Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3870
23 BETCHETTI / ATHERTON  6 Aug 1927Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F11009
24 CHAPPELL / ATHERTON  18 Jul 1914Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F6966
25 DEARNAN / ATHERTON  18 Feb 1867Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F2336
26 DODSON / ATHERTON  Between Jan 1879 and Mar 1879Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F3198
27 FIELDHOUSE / ATHERTON  Between Apr 1910 and Jun 1910Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4901
28 GALLOWAY / ATHERTON  25 Dec 1909Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4833
29 HOUGH / ATHERTON  8 Sep 1904Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F6413
30 KELLETT / HOYLE  Between Oct 1936 and Dec 1936Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F14017
31 KENDALL / ATHERTON  26 Dec 1894Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F6654
32 LEARY / ATHERTON  26 Dec 1909Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F4287
33 OLDHAM / ATHERTON  Between Apr 1940 and Jun 1940Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F14022
34 PEARSON / ATHERTON  Between Apr 1945 and Jun 1945Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F14023
35 ROBINSON / ATHERTON  3 May 1870Barnsley, Yorkshire, England F5481

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