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Warrington, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.86467, Longitude: -2.544581


Matches 301 to 350 of 794

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
301 ATHERTON, James  Between Apr 1869 and Jun 1869Warrington, Lancashire, England I9534
302 ATHERTON, James  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Warrington, Lancashire, England I8657
303 ATHERTON, James  Between Jul 1883 and Sep 1883Warrington, Lancashire, England I9559
304 ATHERTON, James  17 Oct 1883Warrington, Lancashire, England I9826
305 ATHERTON, James  26 Apr 1884Warrington, Lancashire, England I8660
306 ATHERTON, James  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Warrington, Lancashire, England I38533
307 ATHERTON, James  17 Jul 1899Warrington, Lancashire, England I9858
308 ATHERTON, James  Between Jul 1901 and Sep 1901Warrington, Lancashire, England I9570
309 ATHERTON, James  Between Oct 1904 and Dec 1904Warrington, Lancashire, England I30183
310 ATHERTON, James  14 Apr 1908Warrington, Lancashire, England I9771
311 ATHERTON, James  14 Aug 1910Warrington, Lancashire, England I18526
312 ATHERTON, James  Between Apr 1913 and Jun 1913Warrington, Lancashire, England I38350
313 ATHERTON, James   I34077
314 ATHERTON, James Edward  23 May 1912Warrington, Lancashire, England I28919
315 ATHERTON, James Henry  Between Apr 1896 and Jun 1896Warrington, Lancashire, England I9693
316 ATHERTON, James Thomas  Between Jul 1864 and Sep 1864Warrington, Lancashire, England I37429
317 ATHERTON, Jane  2 Feb 1851Warrington, Lancashire, England I9549
318 ATHERTON, Jean   I45958
319 ATHERTON, Jessie  24 Jun 1887Warrington, Lancashire, England I2176
320 ATHERTON, Jessie  23 May 1894Warrington, Lancashire, England I2182
321 ATHERTON, Jessie  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901Warrington, Lancashire, England I7009
322 ATHERTON, Jessie Christianna  Between Oct 1858 and Dec 1858Warrington, Lancashire, England I2171
323 ATHERTON, Joan   I45522
324 ATHERTON, Joan   I46190
325 ATHERTON, John  Est 1757Warrington, Lancashire, England I16261
326 ATHERTON, John  Est 1771Warrington, Lancashire, England I4282
327 ATHERTON, John  Est 1781Warrington, Lancashire, England I27562
328 ATHERTON, John  Est 1795Warrington, Lancashire, England I19752
329 ATHERTON, John  30 Mar 1796Warrington, Lancashire, England I33708
330 ATHERTON, John  Est 1805Warrington, Lancashire, England I4385
331 ATHERTON, John  Est 1814Warrington, Lancashire, England I19994
332 ATHERTON, John  Est 1814Warrington, Lancashire, England I20745
333 ATHERTON, John  1814Warrington, Lancashire, England I22593
334 ATHERTON, John  Est 1817Warrington, Lancashire, England I19087
335 ATHERTON, John  Est 1818Warrington, Lancashire, England I11539
336 ATHERTON, John  Est 1818Warrington, Lancashire, England I19768
337 ATHERTON, John  1821Warrington, Lancashire, England I37040
338 ATHERTON, John  24 Jul 1825Warrington, Lancashire, England I9418
339 ATHERTON, John  Est 1831Warrington, Lancashire, England I9655
340 ATHERTON, John  Est 1834Warrington, Lancashire, England I20613
341 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1837 and Sep 1837Warrington, Lancashire, England I20670
342 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1840 and Dec 1840Warrington, Lancashire, England I22562
343 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1851 and Mar 1851Warrington, Lancashire, England I9601
344 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1855 and Mar 1855Warrington, Lancashire, England I38573
345 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1858 and Sep 1858Warrington, Lancashire, England I9715
346 ATHERTON, John  Est 1860Warrington, Lancashire, England I9855
347 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1860 and Sep 1860Warrington, Lancashire, England I9663
348 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1860 and Dec 1860Warrington, Lancashire, England I9893
349 ATHERTON, John  27 Feb 1868Warrington, Lancashire, England I11624
350 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1872 and Jun 1872Warrington, Lancashire, England I8764

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Matches 301 to 340 of 340

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
301 MARSH, Ann  Between Jul 1878 and Sep 1878Warrington, Lancashire, England I9522
302 MASSEY, Alice Ann  Between Jul 1978 and Sep 1978Warrington, Lancashire, England I43006
303 MCCUE, Maria  Between Apr 1929 and Jun 1929Warrington, Lancashire, England I9856
304 MORRIS, Annie  Between Apr 1988 and Jun 1988Warrington, Lancashire, England I44471
305 NAYLOR, Ann  Between Jul 1897 and Sep 1897Warrington, Lancashire, England I15364
306 NICKSON, Elizabeth  Between Apr 1896 and Jun 1896Warrington, Lancashire, England I21851
307 OVERTON, Margaret Jane  Between Oct 1969 and Dec 1969Warrington, Lancashire, England I34605
308 PATRICK, Doris Olive  Between Apr 2003 and Jun 2003Warrington, Lancashire, England I12021
309 PEMBERTON, Edith  Between Apr 1998 and Jun 1998Warrington, Lancashire, England I46013
310 PERCIVAL, Martha  Between Oct 1980 and Dec 1980Warrington, Lancashire, England I28647
311 PLATT, Mary  Between Oct 1903 and Dec 1903Warrington, Lancashire, England I9532
312 PODMORE, Hannah  Between Oct 1894 and Dec 1894Warrington, Lancashire, England I2169
313 POWELL, Elizabeth A  Between Apr 1979 and Jun 1979Warrington, Lancashire, England I34412
314 PRITCHARD, Elizabeth M  Between Jul 1987 and Sep 1987Warrington, Lancashire, England I34708
315 READE, Annie  Between Jan 1970 and Mar 1970Warrington, Lancashire, England I32996
316 RENSHAW, Lena  Between Apr 1995 and Jun 1995Warrington, Lancashire, England I46188
317 ROWLANDS, Alice  Between Oct 1987 and Dec 1987Warrington, Lancashire, England I46308
318 ROWLINSON, Jane  27 Jun 1901Warrington, Lancashire, England I9466
319 SANDERS, Edith  Between Jul 1952 and Sep 1952Warrington, Lancashire, England I7717
320 SCOTT, Mary A  Between Jan 1963 and Mar 1963Warrington, Lancashire, England I46971
321 SHAW, Lily  Between Apr 1968 and Jun 1968Warrington, Lancashire, England I24357
322 SMALLMAN, Emily  Between Jan 1965 and Mar 1965Warrington, Lancashire, England I37922
323 SPEAKMAN, Thomas  Between Jul 1925 and Sep 1925Warrington, Lancashire, England I24161
324 THORNLEY, Fanny  14 Apr 1850Warrington, Lancashire, England I9445
325 TOMLINSON, Doris  Between Jan 1990 and Mar 1990Warrington, Lancashire, England I39573
326 UNKNOWN, Margaret  Between Jul 1875 and Sep 1875Warrington, Lancashire, England I21839
327 UNKNOWN, Margaret  Between Oct 1879 and Dec 1879Warrington, Lancashire, England I8783
328 UNKNOWN, Mary  Between Apr 1850 and Jun 1850Warrington, Lancashire, England I9665
329 UNKNOWN, Mary  Between Jul 1874 and Sep 1874Warrington, Lancashire, England I9873
330 WAGSTAFF, Mary  Between Oct 1860 and Dec 1860Warrington, Lancashire, England I4386
331 WARBURTON, Catherine  Between Jul 1923 and Sep 1923Warrington, Lancashire, England I9815
332 WATERFIELD, Hannah  Between Oct 1908 and Dec 1908Warrington, Lancashire, England I9562
333 WHITELEY, Alice  Between Jan 1959 and Mar 1959Warrington, Lancashire, England I9501
334 WHITTAKER, Hilda  Between Jan 1986 and Mar 1986Warrington, Lancashire, England I46743
335 WILCOCK, David  1867Warrington, Lancashire, England I21861
336 WILLIAMS, Emma  Between Apr 1982 and Jun 1982Warrington, Lancashire, England I45956
337 WOODS, Margaret  Between Apr 1887 and Jun 1887Warrington, Lancashire, England I9545
338 WOODS, Mary  Est 1907Warrington, Lancashire, England I9677
339 WRIGLEY, Esther  Between Jan 1858 and Mar 1858Warrington, Lancashire, England I9588
340 YATES, Margaret  Between Oct 1851 and Dec 1851Warrington, Lancashire, England I9837

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