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Warrington, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.86467, Longitude: -2.544581


Matches 251 to 300 of 684

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
251 ATHERTON, James  Between Apr 1859 and Jun 1859Warrington, Lancashire, England I9892
252 ATHERTON, James  Between Jul 1861 and Sep 1861Warrington, Lancashire, England I39207
253 ATHERTON, James  Between Jan 1867 and Mar 1867Warrington, Lancashire, England I39208
254 ATHERTON, James  Between Apr 1869 and Jun 1869Warrington, Lancashire, England I9534
255 ATHERTON, James  Between Apr 1878 and Jun 1878Warrington, Lancashire, England I8657
256 ATHERTON, James  Between Jul 1883 and Sep 1883Warrington, Lancashire, England I9559
257 ATHERTON, James  17 Oct 1883Warrington, Lancashire, England I9826
258 ATHERTON, James  26 Apr 1884Warrington, Lancashire, England I8660
259 ATHERTON, James  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Warrington, Lancashire, England I38533
260 ATHERTON, James  17 Jul 1899Warrington, Lancashire, England I9858
261 ATHERTON, James  Between Jul 1901 and Sep 1901Warrington, Lancashire, England I9570
262 ATHERTON, James  Between Oct 1904 and Dec 1904Warrington, Lancashire, England I30183
263 ATHERTON, James  14 Apr 1908Warrington, Lancashire, England I9771
264 ATHERTON, James  14 Aug 1910Warrington, Lancashire, England I18526
265 ATHERTON, James  Between Apr 1913 and Jun 1913Warrington, Lancashire, England I38350
266 ATHERTON, James Edward  23 May 1912Warrington, Lancashire, England I28919
267 ATHERTON, James Henry  Between Apr 1896 and Jun 1896Warrington, Lancashire, England I9693
268 ATHERTON, James Thomas  Between Jul 1864 and Sep 1864Warrington, Lancashire, England I37429
269 ATHERTON, Jane  2 Feb 1851Warrington, Lancashire, England I9549
270 ATHERTON, Jessie  24 Jun 1887Warrington, Lancashire, England I2176
271 ATHERTON, Jessie  23 May 1894Warrington, Lancashire, England I2182
272 ATHERTON, Jessie  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901Warrington, Lancashire, England I7009
273 ATHERTON, Jessie Christianna  Between Oct 1858 and Dec 1858Warrington, Lancashire, England I2171
274 ATHERTON, John  Est 1757Warrington, Lancashire, England I16261
275 ATHERTON, John  Est 1771Warrington, Lancashire, England I4282
276 ATHERTON, John  Est 1781Warrington, Lancashire, England I27562
277 ATHERTON, John  Est 1795Warrington, Lancashire, England I19752
278 ATHERTON, John  30 Mar 1796Warrington, Lancashire, England I33708
279 ATHERTON, John  Est 1805Warrington, Lancashire, England I4385
280 ATHERTON, John  Est 1814Warrington, Lancashire, England I19994
281 ATHERTON, John  Est 1814Warrington, Lancashire, England I20745
282 ATHERTON, John  1814Warrington, Lancashire, England I22593
283 ATHERTON, John  Est 1817Warrington, Lancashire, England I19087
284 ATHERTON, John  Est 1818Warrington, Lancashire, England I11539
285 ATHERTON, John  Est 1818Warrington, Lancashire, England I19768
286 ATHERTON, John  1821Warrington, Lancashire, England I37040
287 ATHERTON, John  24 Jul 1825Warrington, Lancashire, England I9418
288 ATHERTON, John  Est 1831Warrington, Lancashire, England I9655
289 ATHERTON, John  Est 1834Warrington, Lancashire, England I20613
290 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1837 and Sep 1837Warrington, Lancashire, England I20670
291 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1840 and Dec 1840Warrington, Lancashire, England I22562
292 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1851 and Mar 1851Warrington, Lancashire, England I9601
293 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1855 and Mar 1855Warrington, Lancashire, England I38573
294 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1858 and Sep 1858Warrington, Lancashire, England I9715
295 ATHERTON, John  Est 1860Warrington, Lancashire, England I9855
296 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1860 and Sep 1860Warrington, Lancashire, England I9663
297 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1860 and Dec 1860Warrington, Lancashire, England I9893
298 ATHERTON, John  27 Feb 1868Warrington, Lancashire, England I11624
299 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1872 and Jun 1872Warrington, Lancashire, England I8764
300 ATHERTON, John  14 Jun 1874Warrington, Lancashire, England I9758

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Matches 251 to 300 of 340

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
251 ATHERTON, William  Between Apr 1900 and Jun 1900Warrington, Lancashire, England I8646
252 ATHERTON, William  Between Jan 1904 and Mar 1904Warrington, Lancashire, England I9021
253 ATHERTON, William  Between Apr 1904 and Jun 1904Warrington, Lancashire, England I21846
254 ATHERTON, William  Between Jan 1907 and Mar 1907Warrington, Lancashire, England I9450
255 ATHERTON, William  Between Oct 1972 and Dec 1972Warrington, Lancashire, England I19845
256 ATHERTON, William Henry  12 Apr 1955Warrington, Lancashire, England I9471
257 ATHERTON, William Jesse  Between Oct 1857 and Dec 1857Warrington, Lancashire, England I38626
258 ATHERTON, William John  Aug 1881Warrington, Lancashire, England I8141
259 ATHERTON, William Thomas  Between Apr 1978 and Jun 1978Warrington, Lancashire, England I39652
260 ATHERTON, Willie  Between Jan 1896 and Mar 1896Warrington, Lancashire, England I22469
261 ATHERTON, Yvonne L  Between Apr 1955 and Jun 1955Warrington, Lancashire, England I44472
262 ATHERTON, Zachariah  7 Apr 1859Warrington, Lancashire, England I9848
263 ATHERTON, Zachariah  Between Jan 1864 and Mar 1864Warrington, Lancashire, England I9836
264 BARTON, Alice  Between Jan 1961 and Mar 1961Warrington, Lancashire, England I9762
265 BATE, Eliza  Between Jul 1939 and Sep 1939Warrington, Lancashire, England I9821
266 BATTERSBY, Ann  Between Jan 1866 and Mar 1866Warrington, Lancashire, England I29485
267 BELLASS, Freda  Between Jul 1987 and Sep 1987Warrington, Lancashire, England I47074
268 BETLEY, Martha  Between Jan 1884 and Mar 1884Warrington, Lancashire, England I9890
269 BOLD, Ethel  Between Oct 1977 and Dec 1977Warrington, Lancashire, England I34037
270 BROOKS, Sarah Ann  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Warrington, Lancashire, England I9727
271 BRYDSON, Norah B  Between Apr 1956 and Jun 1956Warrington, Lancashire, England I42693
272 CHADWICK, Lily  Between Jan 1929 and Mar 1929Warrington, Lancashire, England I9810
273 CHAPLIN, Minnie  Between Jul 1979 and Sep 1979Warrington, Lancashire, England I23600
274 CLARKE, Lavinia  Between Jan 1955 and Mar 1955Warrington, Lancashire, England I44466
275 CLAYTON, Ann J  Between Oct 1990 and Dec 1990Warrington, Lancashire, England I44480
276 CORNS, Mary  Between Oct 1875 and Dec 1875Warrington, Lancashire, England I19743
277 CRAWSHAW, Ellen  Between Jan 1920 and Mar 1920Warrington, Lancashire, England I9475
278 DAGNALL, Mary Ann  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901Warrington, Lancashire, England I9835
279 DANIELS, Emmaline  Between Jan 1907 and Mar 1907Warrington, Lancashire, England I9672
280 DAWSON, Elizabeth  Between Jul 1994 and Sep 1994Warrington, Lancashire, England I34601
281 DICKENSON, Nellie  Between Jan 1993 and Mar 1993Warrington, Lancashire, England I40008
282 DICKSON, Ellen  Between Jan 1888 and Mar 1888Warrington, Lancashire, England I9863
283 DITCHFIELD, James  Between Jan 1878 and Mar 1878Warrington, Lancashire, England I9874
284 DONE, Frances  Between Jul 1981 and Sep 1981Warrington, Lancashire, England I10122
285 DOWARD, Irene  Between Apr 1990 and Jun 1990Warrington, Lancashire, England I39126
286 EAVES, Martha  Between Jan 1884 and Mar 1884Warrington, Lancashire, England I4383
287 ETHERIDGE, Ellen  Between Apr 1910 and Jun 1910Warrington, Lancashire, England I8129
288 FURNIVAL, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1992 and Dec 1992Warrington, Lancashire, England I44938
289 GANDY, Rebecca  Jul 1832Warrington, Lancashire, England I29475
290 GIBSON, Elizabeth  Between Jan 1956 and Mar 1956Warrington, Lancashire, England I9703
291 HATTON, Agnes May  Between Oct 1976 and Dec 1976Warrington, Lancashire, England I47778
292 HEALER, Annie  Between Jan 1984 and Mar 1984Warrington, Lancashire, England I40940
293 HORTON, Hilda  Between Oct 1979 and Dec 1979Warrington, Lancashire, England I39828
294 HUGHES, Bridget  Between Apr 1940 and Jun 1940Warrington, Lancashire, England I9692
295 HUNT, Mary  Between Jan 1867 and Mar 1867Warrington, Lancashire, England I39206
296 HUNT, Mary  8 Apr 1876Warrington, Lancashire, England I27563
297 IKIN, Daniel  23 Dec 1872Warrington, Lancashire, England I37425
298 JONES, Annie Gertude  Between Jan 1913 and Mar 1913Warrington, Lancashire, England I9493
299 KNOWLES, Ann  16 Dec 1817Warrington, Lancashire, England I4265
300 MALONEY, Ann  Between Jul 1906 and Sep 1906Warrington, Lancashire, England I9681

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