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Bolton, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.5720889, Longitude: -2.4304268


Matches 501 to 550 of 1217

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
501 ATHERTON, James Boardman  Between Jan 1888 and Mar 1888Bolton, Lancashire, England I13603
502 ATHERTON, James Gibson  8 Jan 1897Bolton, Lancashire, England I34040
503 ATHERTON, James Henry  Between Jul 1873 and Sep 1873Bolton, Lancashire, England I17200
504 ATHERTON, James Herbert  Between Jul 1883 and Sep 1883Bolton, Lancashire, England I27539
505 ATHERTON, James Lever  Between Oct 1911 and Dec 1911Bolton, Lancashire, England I21696
506 ATHERTON, James Thomas  Between Oct 1861 and Dec 1861Bolton, Lancashire, England I5280
507 ATHERTON, Jane  Est 1821Bolton, Lancashire, England I17251
508 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Oct 1843 and Dec 1843Bolton, Lancashire, England I5199
509 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Jan 1846 and Mar 1846Bolton, Lancashire, England I15517
510 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Jan 1847 and Mar 1847Bolton, Lancashire, England I37997
511 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Oct 1847 and Dec 1847Bolton, Lancashire, England I38588
512 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Oct 1848 and Dec 1848Bolton, Lancashire, England I4478
513 ATHERTON, Jane  8 May 1850Bolton, Lancashire, England I14830
514 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Apr 1857 and Jun 1857Bolton, Lancashire, England I8835
515 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Jan 1866 and Mar 1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I14886
516 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Jul 1872 and Sep 1872Bolton, Lancashire, England I5858
517 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Apr 1890 and Jun 1890Bolton, Lancashire, England I5251
518 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Bolton, Lancashire, England I2098
519 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Jul 1898 and Sep 1898Bolton, Lancashire, England I15407
520 ATHERTON, Jane  Between Jan 1901 and Mar 1901Bolton, Lancashire, England I17174
521 ATHERTON, Jane  31 Mar 1906Bolton, Lancashire, England I15039
522 ATHERTON, Jane Ann  Between Jul 1878 and Sep 1878Bolton, Lancashire, England I21138
523 ATHERTON, Jane Ellen  Between Jan 1882 and Mar 1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I5262
524 ATHERTON, Jane Ellen  Between Apr 1886 and Jun 1886Bolton, Lancashire, England I38165
525 ATHERTON, Jane Ellen  Est 1898Bolton, Lancashire, England I14919
526 ATHERTON, Jane Helen  Between Oct 1882 and Dec 1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I4516
527 ATHERTON, Jean   I23641
528 ATHERTON, Jean   I47561
529 ATHERTON, Jennie  4 Aug 1931Bolton, Lancashire, England I44396
530 ATHERTON, Jessie  Between Oct 1879 and Dec 1879Bolton, Lancashire, England I13608
531 ATHERTON, Jessie  Between Apr 1887 and Jun 1887Bolton, Lancashire, England I8821
532 ATHERTON, Jessie   I39300
533 ATHERTON, Joan   I34918
534 ATHERTON, Joan A   I35013
535 ATHERTON, Joan M   I23919
536 ATHERTON, Joan Muriel   I23412
537 ATHERTON, John  Est 1812Bolton, Lancashire, England I23058
538 ATHERTON, John  Est 1816Bolton, Lancashire, England I21113
539 ATHERTON, John  Est 1817Bolton, Lancashire, England I9960
540 ATHERTON, John  Est 1818Bolton, Lancashire, England I5195
541 ATHERTON, John  Est 1824Bolton, Lancashire, England I3663
542 ATHERTON, John  Est 1834Bolton, Lancashire, England I15466
543 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1845 and Jun 1845Bolton, Lancashire, England I4583
544 ATHERTON, John  Between Jul 1847 and Sep 1847Bolton, Lancashire, England I38132
545 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1850 and Jun 1850Bolton, Lancashire, England I5885
546 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1853 and Jun 1853Bolton, Lancashire, England I17049
547 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1855 and Dec 1855Bolton, Lancashire, England I38756
548 ATHERTON, John  Between Jan 1856 and Mar 1856Bolton, Lancashire, England I5895
549 ATHERTON, John  Between Apr 1857 and Jun 1857Bolton, Lancashire, England I3672
550 ATHERTON, John  Between Oct 1857 and Dec 1857Bolton, Lancashire, England I5664

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Matches 501 to 532 of 532

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
501 RICHARDS, Ann  Between Apr 1906 and Jun 1906Bolton, Lancashire, England I8831
502 ROSCOW, May  Between Jan 1981 and Mar 1981Bolton, Lancashire, England I40317
503 SEWELL, Audrey  Between Oct 2005 and Dec 2005Bolton, Lancashire, England I46534
504 SHELLCROSS, Esther  Between Oct 1891 and Dec 1891Bolton, Lancashire, England I3654
505 SHIELDS, Elizabeth  Between Apr 1919 and Jun 1919Bolton, Lancashire, England I14872
506 SLATER, Mary Elizabeth  Between Jan 1978 and Mar 1978Bolton, Lancashire, England I41282
507 SMITH, Betsy  Between Jan 1934 and Mar 1934Bolton, Lancashire, England I3085
508 SMITH, Mary Ann  Between Jan 1961 and Mar 1961Bolton, Lancashire, England I17046
509 SMITH, Mary Ellen  Between Jan 1904 and Mar 1904Bolton, Lancashire, England I17317
510 SNAPE, Alice  Between Oct 1899 and Dec 1899Bolton, Lancashire, England I15003
511 TAYLOR, Mabel Teresa  Between Jan 1951 and Mar 1951Bolton, Lancashire, England I23424
512 TILLOTSON, Mary Lever  Between Jan 1948 and Mar 1948Bolton, Lancashire, England I4573
513 TURNER, Deborah  Between Oct 1899 and Dec 1899Bolton, Lancashire, England I17209
514 UNKNOWN, Alice  Between Apr 1890 and Jun 1890Bolton, Lancashire, England I17181
515 UNKNOWN, Betty  Jan 1863Bolton, Lancashire, England I16773
516 UNKNOWN, Mary  Between Apr 1850 and Jun 1850Bolton, Lancashire, England I21112
517 UNKNOWN, Mary  Between Apr 1882 and Jun 1882Bolton, Lancashire, England I21161
518 VALENTINE, Gladys  Between Apr 1987 and Jun 1987Bolton, Lancashire, England I33862
519 VALENTINE, Lily  Between Jul 1997 and Sep 1997Bolton, Lancashire, England I47402
520 WALSH, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1893 and Dec 1893Bolton, Lancashire, England I4563
521 WALTON, Rachel  Between Jul 1917 and Sep 1917Bolton, Lancashire, England I5267
522 WARBURTON, Norma  Between Oct 1996 and Dec 1996Bolton, Lancashire, England I40783
523 WARD, Sarah Ellen  Between Jan 1997 and Mar 1997Bolton, Lancashire, England I46707
524 WATMOUGH, Sarah Ann  Between Apr 1900 and Jun 1900Bolton, Lancashire, England I15469
525 WHATMOUGH, Ellen  Between Jan 1857 and Mar 1857Bolton, Lancashire, England I8842
526 WHINRAY, Catherine  Between Jul 1847 and Sep 1847Bolton, Lancashire, England I14911
527 WILKINSON, Stanley  Between Jan 1958 and Mar 1958Bolton, Lancashire, England I34723
528 WINNARD, Samuel  Between Oct 1975 and Dec 1975Bolton, Lancashire, England I40760
529 WINWARD, Esther  Between Jan 1941 and Mar 1941Bolton, Lancashire, England I15457
530 WOOD, Elizabeth  Between Jul 1884 and Sep 1884Bolton, Lancashire, England I15013
531 YATES, Alice  Between Jan 1899 and Mar 1899Bolton, Lancashire, England I19669
532 YATES, Mary  Between Jan 1890 and Mar 1890Bolton, Lancashire, England I3666

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