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Birmingham, Warwickshire, England


Latitude: 52.4849691, Longitude: -1.8600876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHTON, Gertrude  Est 1881Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I19386
2 ATHERTON, Ada Sarah  Between Jan 1888 and Mar 1888Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9411
3 ATHERTON, Albert   I44002
4 ATHERTON, Albert Edward  Between Jul 1881 and Sep 1881Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I37742
5 ATHERTON, Ann E   I39521
6 ATHERTON, Bernard   I47047
7 ATHERTON, Betty G   I39516
8 ATHERTON, Brian  25 Aug 1932Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I27938
9 ATHERTON, Brian   I43998
10 ATHERTON, Charles John  15 Mar 1879Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9422
11 ATHERTON, Elizabeth May  Between Jul 1890 and Sep 1890Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9412
12 ATHERTON, George Henry  Between Apr 1876 and Jun 1876Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1893
13 ATHERTON, Gertrude Ellen  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9413
14 ATHERTON, Grace  Between Jan 1848 and Mar 1848Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I38890
15 ATHERTON, Hannah Elizabeth  Between Jan 1875 and Mar 1875Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1892
16 ATHERTON, Ivan   I41205
17 ATHERTON, James A   I43724
18 ATHERTON, Jessie  Between Oct 1877 and Dec 1877Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9421
19 ATHERTON, Joan   I39517
20 ATHERTON, John   I47048
21 ATHERTON, John Alfred  Between Jul 1894 and Sep 1894Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9414
22 ATHERTON, Judith Anne   I43999
23 ATHERTON, June  11 May 1950Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I29172
24 ATHERTON, Leonard Sam  15 Apr 1896Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9415
25 ATHERTON, Lily  10 Nov 1880Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9423
26 ATHERTON, Marguerite   I46887
27 ATHERTON, Michael R   I41201
28 ATHERTON, Minnie Ellen  10 Feb 1875Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9419
29 ATHERTON, Neil   I44001
30 ATHERTON, Ralph S   I29171
31 ATHERTON, Rosalind  Between Jul 1876 and Sep 1876Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9420
32 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Apr 1874 and Jun 1874Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I38199
33 ATHERTON, Wilfred J   I39515
34 ATHERTON, William James  26 Nov 1882Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9424
35 BAYLISS, Ada Alice  Between Jul 1904 and Sep 1904Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I39429
36 BOWEN, Thomas Walter  Est 1871Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I21968
37 BOWER, Francis Henry  Est 1879Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9435
38 BURNS, Mary  Est 1830Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I8542
39 BURTON, Sophia  Est 1860Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6390
40 CAPEWELL, Margaret Hannah  Est 1861Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I20993
41 CARTWRIGHT, Thelma M   I46654
42 CHATHAM, Lilian May  30 Dec 1894Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I23185
43 DENSON, Elizabeth  Est 1863Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15398
44 FELL, Howard John  Est 1875Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I4734
45 FODEN, Mary Ann  Est 1851Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1891
46 GILBERT, Edith Emily  Est 1885Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I36
47 HARVEY, Catherine Alice  Est 1848Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I10377
48 HELSBY, Esther  Est 1842Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9379
49 HOLLAND, Charles Edwin  Est 1872Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6389
50 MASSEY, Elizabeth Maud  Est 1868Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6538

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHERTON, Albert Edward  Between Oct 1881 and Dec 1881Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I37742
2 ATHERTON, Alfred  Between Jan 1973 and Mar 1973Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9428
3 ATHERTON, Arthur Horace  Between Apr 1976 and Jun 1976Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I14667
4 ATHERTON, Charles John  12 May 1946Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9422
5 ATHERTON, Charles John H  Between Oct 1971 and Dec 1971Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9433
6 ATHERTON, Delia  Between Oct 1956 and Dec 1956Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I20035
7 ATHERTON, Elizabeth May  Between Apr 1892 and Jun 1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9412
8 ATHERTON, Ernest  Between Oct 1982 and Dec 1982Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2851
9 ATHERTON, Francis  Between Jul 2001 and Sep 2001Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I44008
10 ATHERTON, George  18 Feb 1979Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I17338
11 ATHERTON, George Henry  Between Jul 1899 and Sep 1899Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1893
12 ATHERTON, George Henry  23 Mar 1926Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6393
13 ATHERTON, Herbert  Between Jan 1962 and Mar 1962Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I47125
14 ATHERTON, James Arthur  Between Jul 1956 and Sep 1956Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I43721
15 ATHERTON, James Lawrence  Between Jul 1962 and Sep 1962Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I45475
16 ATHERTON, Leonard Sam  Between Apr 1953 and Jun 1953Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9415
17 ATHERTON, Rosalind Eliza Ann  Dec 1870Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I34309
18 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Apr 1888 and Jun 1888Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9378
19 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Oct 1902 and Dec 1902Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1882
20 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Jul 1955 and Sep 1955Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9690
21 ATHERTON, Thomas  Between Apr 1986 and Jun 1986Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9700
22 ATHERTON, William  Between Jan 1955 and Mar 1955Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9540
23 BAKER, Clara Elizabeth  Between Apr 1961 and Jun 1961Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9699
24 CHAMBERLAIN, Edna Phyllis  Between Jan 1989 and Mar 1989Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I34771
25 CHATHAM, Lilian May  Between Jan 1957 and Mar 1957Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I23185
26 COLEMAN, Julia Allday  21 Mar 1953Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I4732
27 CRUMP, Violet  Between Jan 1992 and Mar 1992Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I46063
28 FOUNGE, Dorothy F  Between Oct 2001 and Dec 2001Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I46261
29 HELSBY, Esther  Between Jan 1888 and Mar 1888Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9379
30 HOLDING, Eliza Jane  1 Jun 1966Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9432
31 MAISEY, Mary Elizabeth  Between Oct 1989 and Dec 1989Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I32094
32 PARKER, Alice Ellen  1979Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I39514
33 PERRIN, Ellen  31 Jan 1871Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9442
34 PRIESTLEY, Lily  Between Jan 1961 and Mar 1961Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I43875
35 SANDBROOK, Esther Henrietta  Between Apr 1882 and Jun 1882Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I20994
36 SPRING, Phyllis  Between Jan 2001 and Mar 2001Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I43235


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATHERTON / ASHTON  1 Jun 1903Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F185
3 ATHERTON / CRUMP  Between Jan 1933 and Mar 1933Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F15836
4 ATHERTON / FODEN  23 May 1874Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F4712
5 ATHERTON / LANE  Between Jan 1885 and Mar 1885Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F385
6 ATHERTON / MACK   F14334
7 ATHERTON / MAISEY  Between Apr 1959 and Jun 1959Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F10184
9 ATHERTON / PARKER  Between Oct 1921 and Dec 1921Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F12932
10 ATHERTON / PEARSON  Between Apr 1939 and Jun 1939Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F9086
12 ATHERTON / PRIESTLEY  Between Apr 1935 and Jun 1935Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F14972
15 ATHERTON / SANDBROOK  5 Dec 1880Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F7048
18 ATHERTON / TURNER  Between Apr 1931 and Jun 1931Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F8753
19 BALDWIN / ATHERTON  Between Jul 1889 and Sep 1889Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F4139
20 BARRATT / ATHERTON  26 Jul 1896Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F4875
21 BROWN / ATHERTON  Between Oct 1884 and Dec 1884Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F5611
23 COOPER / MACK   F14335
26 MACKENZIE / ATHERTON  26 Dec 1871Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F1634
27 RAMSTER / OAKES   F7801
28 WARNER / ATHERTON  Between Oct 1873 and Dec 1873Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F4369

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